Diversity & Unity in the Kingdom of God

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Award-Winning for Students

Color-Courageous Discipleship Student Edition: Follow Jesus, Dismantle Racism, and Build Beloved Community by Michelle T. Sanchez, readers will explore antiracism from a biblical perspective and are encouraged to stand up to racism whereever they see it-in your school, in your community, and in your own heart and mind. Readers will learn to:

  • see how following Jesus and pursuing antiracism naturally go together
  • speak out with grace, trutch, and wisdom-whatever age or stage of life you may be in
  • step into who God is calling you to be in today's world
  • be inspired to make a difference right where you are

Paperback, 192 pages. Recommended for ages 13 to 17 years old.

Winner: Outreach Resource of the Year - Youth Resources by Outreach Magazine.

  1. Jesus and the Powers: Christian Political Witness in an Age of Totalitarian Terror and Dysfunctional Democracies
    N.T. Wright & Michael F. Bird
    Zondervan Reflective / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$14.99 Retail Price$22.99 Save 35% ($8.00)
  2. The Secular Creed: Engaging Five Contemporary Claims
    Rebecca McLaughlin
    TGC / 2021 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$11.99 Retail Price$15.99 Save 25% ($4.00)
  3. Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism's Looming Catastrophe
  4. The Mark of the Christian
    Francis A. Schaeffer
    InterVarsity Press / 2007 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$8.99 Retail Price$12.00 Save 25% ($3.01)
    5.0 out of 5 stars for The Mark of the Christian. View reviews of this product. 3 Reviews

Forthcoming (Pre-Orders)

  1. Christianity and Wokeness
    Owen Strachan
    Regnery Press / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$12.99 Retail Price$17.99 Save 28% ($5.00)
  2. Poverty in the Promised Land: Neighborliness, Resistance, and Restoration
    Walter Brueggemann; Conrad L. Kanagy, ed.
    Fortress Press / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$15.49 Retail Price$19.00 Save 18% ($3.51)
  3. Michael Amaladoss and the Quest for Indian Theology
    Enrico Beltramini & Sebastian Painadath
    Fortress Press / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$28.99 Retail Price$36.00 Save 19% ($7.01)
  4. To Love Our Neighbors: Radical Practices in Solidarity, Sufficiency, and Sustainability
    Joe Blosser
    Orbis Books / 2024 / Other, N/A
    Our Price$23.49 Retail Price$32.00 Save 27% ($8.51)
  1. Navigating White Space in Education: How Connecting Christ, Critical Conversations, and Cultural Competency Can Reframe Teacher Resiliency
    Maessie Allen Jameson
    WestBow Press / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$18.89 Retail Price$20.99 Save 10% ($2.10)
  2. White Boy/Black Girl: What Our Differences Can Teach Us, One Honest Conversation at a Time
    Adaeze Brinkman & Chad Brinkman
    Tyndale Momentum / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$15.49 Retail Price$18.99 Save 18% ($3.50)
  3. Fire in the Whole: Embracing Our Righteous Anger with White Christianity and Reclaiming Our Wholeness
    Robert G. Callahan, II
    Westminster John Knox Press / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$15.99 Retail Price$20.00 Save 20% ($4.01)
  4. Walking in Unity: Biblical Answers to 10 Questions on Race and Racism - eBookThis product is an eBook
    Monique Duson & Krista Bontrager
    Salem Books / 2024 / ePub
    Our Price$12.99

Bible Studies

  1. How to Fight Racism Study Guide: Courageous Christianity and the Journey Toward Racial Justice
    Jemar Tisby
    HarperChristian Resources / 2021 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$1.49 Retail Price$14.99 Save 90% ($13.50)
  2. Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White: Thoughts on Religion, Morality, and Politics - DVD
    Adam Hamilton
    Abingdon Press / 2018 / DVD
    Our Price$33.49 Retail Price$44.99 Save 26% ($11.50)
  3. Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times, DVD
    Adam Hamilton
    Abingdon Press / 2018 / DVD
    Our Price$33.49 Retail Price$44.99 Save 26% ($11.50)
  4. Seeking Justice and Reconciliation [Video Download]This is a digital download product
    Michael Seaton
    HarperChristian Resources / 2012 / Video Download
    Our Price$2.99

Ministering to All

The key to creating and growing a more unified and holistic church is the multi-ethnic and Christ-centered community that offers a strong connection between theology and practical ministry models, and that nurtures believers who are wrestling with what it means to be the church of the Bible today. Most books on racial reconciliation or multi-ethnic ministry center on the theological foundations, history, or social problem aspects of the topic.

The Post-Black and Post-White Church offers a practical, hands-on blueprint for developing and sustaining a multi-ethnic and Christ-centered community. Written by Efrem Smith, an innovative and passionate African American leader of the Covenant Evangelical Church and founding pastor of Sanctuary Covenant Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this groundbreaking book shares his skills, experience, and wisdom for congregations who want to grow into a multi-ethnic, missional identity.

The Post-Black and Post-White Church connects theology and practical ministry models for wrestling with what it means to be church in an increasingly multi-ethnic world that is polarized by class, politics, and race. The book embraces Jesus as one who was both Jewish and multi-ethnic and focuses on a theology of reconciled, multi-ethnic, and missional leadership.

Ministering to All Families

  1. Color: God's Intention for Diversity
    Carla D. Sunberg, Daniel A.K.L. Gomis
    Foundry Publishing / 2021 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$7.49 Retail Price$15.99 Save 53% ($8.50)
  2. Many Colors: Cultural Intelligence for a Changing Church
    Soong-Chan Rah
    Moody Publishers / 2010 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$10.99 Retail Price$14.99 Save 27% ($4.00)
  3. Spiritual Care in an Age of #BlackLivesMatter: Examining the Spiritual and Prophetic Needs of African Americans in a Violent America
    Cascade Books / 2019 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$29.70 Retail Price$33.00 Save 10% ($3.30)
  4. The Black Family: Past, Present, and Future
    Zondervan / 2020 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$14.99 Retail Price$19.99 Save 25% ($5.00)

Preaching Inclusively

To preach effectively in today's world, preachers need cultural intelligence. They must build bridges between listeners who come from various denominations, ethnicities, genders, locations, religious backgrounds, and more. Experienced preacher and teacher Matthew Kim provides a step-by-step template for cross-cultural hermeneutics and homiletics, equipping preachers to reach their varied listeners in the church and beyond. Each chapter includes questions for individual thought or group discussion. The book also includes helpful diagrams and images, a sample sermon, and appendixes for exegeting listeners and for exploring cultural differences.

Every Tribe, Every Language