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Willow Tree Nativity Collection

About Willow Tree Nativity Sets

The Nativity Set is the premier collection by Willow Tree with several open stock pieces to add on

Christmas Story Set includes three components, and is sold as a complete set or as open stock purchases

Holy Family Set includes three components, and is sold as a complete set or as open stock purchases

About: The Nativity Collection

The Nativity set is designed in Susan Lordi's signature neutral shades, with metal accents, and includes the Holy Family grouping plus an array of add-on angels, animals, and backdrop.

The Nativity Collection

About:The Holy Family Collection

The Holy Family group, in full color, includes the complete set of three components , or you may purchase as open stock. Note: The size of the Holy Family group is 7.5".

Holy Family Set

About:The Christmas Story Collection

The Christmas Story Collection is shaded in rich color detail, and includes the complete set; each of three components may also be ordered as open stock. The size of the figurine in the Christmas Story Collection is 14.5".

Christmas Story Set

Table Runner for Nativity

Masterpiece Nativity

Susan Lordi has created the unique and elegant Starry Night Nativity, the Christmas story encased in a box. Decorative hinged box with dimensional details of the birth of Christ enclosed; arranged in a creative and artistic design.

Box is 8.5" square with two hinged doors that open out flat or at an angle. Display this on the wall, on a shelf, mantel, or table.

Starry Night design with sparkling points of gold; the angel and the shepherds, details of the three gifts brought by the wise men, and in the center panel, clustered together with the stable animals are Joseph, Mary and the Christ child.

The artist describes her feelings in creating this piece ..it has been on my mind for years...I've always wanted to create a story that could unfold from a box. I love the idea of anticipation; a reveal. I wanted Starry Night to have that element of surprise.

When you give a gift to someone, it's nice for both of you to be involved. The recipient is about to discover what's inside - and the giver gets to enjoy the reaction. It's a shared experience.....Susan.

Applied gold leaf creates a rich quality; the front of the box includes an array of symbolic Christmas images in dimensional detail. A collectible to enjoy and give and Christmas, to also treasure for years to come.

Susan Lordi is the creator and designer of the Willow Tree ® Collection of fine figurines.


  1. Willow Tree, 2022 Ornament, Wishes and Dreams
    Susan Lordi
    Willow Tree from DEMDACO / 2022 / Gift
    Our Price$4.99 Retail Price$23.99 Save 79% ($19.00)
  2. Willow Tree Ornament, Just For You
    Susan Lordi
    Willow Tree From DEMDACO / 2021 / Gift
    Our Price$21.99
  3. Willow Tree Ornament, Embrace
    Susan Lordi
    Willow Tree From DEMDACO / 2021 / Gift
    Our Price$15.99
  4. Willow Tree, Surprise Ornament
    Susan Lordi
    Willow Tree from DEMDACO / 2021 / Gift
    Our Price$21.99
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