Real Life Nativity

  1. Real Life Nativity

Special Details:

  • Light up Stable
  • Gold-trimmed Nativity figures
  • Unique detail: Real Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh for the kings' gifts
  • Heirloom Quality Nativity Design

Please Note: Real Life Nativity is available in a variety of sizes.

14-inch Complete Nativity Set

Real Life Nativity set Holy Family, 14"

  • Christ child 3.25", Manger Bed 3.75" tall, Mary kneeling is 7", Joseph is 12"
  • Deluxe set depicts each figure in exquisite color and detail with lifelike facial expressions
  • Realism of Joseph's loving expression and the angelic serenity of Mary as she cradles the newborn baby Jesus will bring the Christmas story to life in your home.
  • Please note: the Christ child figure can be held in Mary's arms, or lie swaddled in the manger bed
  • Crafted of resin
  • Heirloom quality nativity set

Open Stock: 14-inch Size

10 Inch Complete Nativity Set

Exquisite Real Life Nativity Set, 10-inch size set of 16 pieces

  • Crafted of resin, with handpainted accents and exceptional attention to every detail on garments, facial expressions and architecture
  • Set includes illuminated stable, 20" wide x 12.75" x 5.25"; depicts stone / stucco walls, log beams, palm thatched roof. Light shines down on the manger below. Batteries are included.

  • Holy Family Beautifully detailed and life-like figures are made of cast resin and are designed to capture the joy of the Holy Family.The realism of Joseph's loving expression and the angelic serenity of Mary as she cradles the newborn Jesus bring the reality and beauty of Chritmas to life. Jesus can also lie swaddled in the manger.Joseph 9", Mary sitting is 6", manger bed is 2.5", Baby Jesus is 2.75"

  • Angel and Shepherds, 4 pieces. Angel with outstretched arms is 9.5", kneeling shepherd is 6.5"; standing shepherd is 9.5"

  • Three Kings: figures show the Magi as they gaze towards the Christmas Star
  • Each king carries a chest that opens to reveal the original gifts of Christmas - real gold, frankincense and myrrh
  • Christmas star on a gold and silver base with star accents
  • King figures: Melchior with gold, 9.5"; Balthazar with frankincense 10.25"; Caspar with myrrhy, 7.25" kneeling. Christmas star is 12.75" tall

  • Animals include two camels with decorative embellishment donkey, and ox
  • Create an exceptionally beautiful display on mantel shelf or table, at home or at church. 10" Real Life Nativity. Heirloom quality.

Open Stock: 10- inch Size

7-inch Nativity Set

Real Life Nativity collection includes 14 figures ranging to 7" tall, in exquisite detail and design.

  • Crafted of resin, handpainted with exquisite attenti on to detail
  • Includes the Holy Family, three kings, freestanding starangel, two shepherds with sheep.
  • Baby Jesus figure is removable from the manger bed and may alternately be placed in Mary's arms.
  • Three gifts of the kings are genuine frankincense, myrrh and 23-karat gold.

    The greatest story ever told comes to life in rich beauty for your Christmas celebration.

  • Each figurine in the nativity is freely embellished with details and trim to make this a Real Life telling of the Christmas story.
  • For home or church; for mantel or table display
  • The focal point of your Christmas
  • Heirloom quality, to pass down for future generations

Open Stock: 7-inch Size

Complete 5-inch Nativity Set

Real Life ® nativity set in rich full color and detail includes 22 pieces plus lighted stable.

  • Figures include the Holy Family with baby Jesus, who may be placed either in the manger bed or in Mary's arms
  • Three Kings
  • Three chests, each containing one of the gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh
  • 9" tall Christmas star, sparkling; free-standing
  • Christmas angel
  • Standing shepherd holding a lamb in his arms
  • Kneeling shepherd with sheep
  • Two separate Awassi sheep, three camels, an ox, a donkey
  • Palm tree 7.25" tall
  • Stable with rustic architectural detail illuminates with LED lighting tucked into the rafters; operates on AAA batteries which are included; on/off switch
  • 5" size describes the height of the tallest figures (the tall king and the angel)
  • Note the facial expression and detail
  • Heirloom quality nativity set complete

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