Bags & Backpacks

  1. Goodness and Mercy Follow Me Farmer's Market Tote Bag
    Faithworks / 2018 / Gift
    Our Price$37.99 Retail Price$43.99 Save 14% ($6.00)
  2. You Were Created To Make A Difference Square Wristlet
    Shannon Road Gifts / 2022 / Gift
    Our Price$8.99 Retail Price$9.99 Save 10% ($1.00)
  3. Be Full of Joy Tote BagThis product is part of our current Personalizable products featured skus promotion
    Faithworks / 2019 / Gift
    Our Price$7.99 Retail Price$8.99 Save 11% ($1.00)
  4. Be Still and Know Tote Bag
    Christian Art Gifts / 2019 / Gift
    Our Price$4.99
  1. The Giving Shawl

Suggested Shelter Essentials

Clothing Stores

  1. Adult Coloring

Keeping Warm

More Ideas

More Practical Ideas to Help Homeless Shelters

  • Tickets or Passes for Public Transportation (buses, subways, etc)
  • Pre-Paid gift store cards
  • Job Search Supplies, including a binder, pens, paper, and other items to help keep organized
  • Socks, Towels, and Underwear.
  • Your Time
  1. Gifts for Charities