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  1. The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today
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    Shannon Bream
    Broadside Books / 2021 / Hardcover
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The women of the Bible lived timeless stories—by examining them, we can understand what it means to be a woman of faith.

People unfamiliar with Scripture often assume that women play a small, secondary role in the Bible. But in fact, they were central figures in numerous Biblical tales. It was Queen Esther’s bravery at a vital point in history which saved her entire people. The Bible contains warriors like Jael, judges like Deborah, and prophets like Miriam. The first person to witness Jesus’ resurrection was Mary Magdalene, who promptly became the first Christian evangelist, eager to share the news which would change the world forever.

In The Women of the Bible Speak, Fox News Channel's Shannon Bream opens up the lives of sixteen of these Biblical women, arranging them into pairs and contrasting their journeys. In pairing their stories, Shannon helps us reflect not only on the meaning of each individual’s life, but on how they relate to each other and to us.

From the shepherdesses of ancient Israel who helped raise the future leaders of the people of God, to the courageous early Christians, the narrative of the Bible offers us many vivid and fascinating female characters. In their lives we can see common struggles to resist bitterness, despair, and pride, and to instead find their true selves in faith, hope, and love. In studying these heroes of the faith, we can find wisdom and warnings for how to better navigate our own faith journeys.

The Women of the Bible Speak outlines the lessons we can take from the valor of Esther, the hope of Hannah, the audacity of Rahab, and the faith of Mary. In broadening each woman’s individual story, Shannon offers us a deeper understanding of each, and wisdom and insights that can transform our own lives today.

Ever wish you had divine guidance and ethical insight for living your life more fully? It's right there in God's timeless list of instructions, better known as the Ten Commandments! Let Wilkin show you the beauty, freedom, and power to be found in following the Lord in obedience and holiness. 176 pages, softcover from Crossway.

  1. When God Whispers Your Name
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    Max Lucado
    Thomas Nelson / 2011 / Trade Paperback
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    5 out of 5 stars for When God Whispers Your Name. View reviews of this product. 9 Reviews

Do you find it hard to believe that the One who made everything keeps your name on His heart and on His lips? Did you realize that your name is written on the hand of God (Is. 49:16)? Perhaps you've never seen your name honored. And you can't remember when you heard it spoken with kindness. In this book, Lucado offers the inspiration to believe that God has already bought the ticket-with your name on it.

  1. Woven: Understanding the Bible as One Seamless Story
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For many people, the Bible feels impossible to navigate. Parts of it might be familiar, but they seem like a collection of loose, unrelated threads. Smith helps you see how they're all knit together into one cohesive, complete story. And once you've seen the big picture, you'll glimpse it on every page! 208 pages, softcover from B&H.

  1. Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table: It's Time to Win the Battle of Your Mind...
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    Louie Giglio
    Thomas Nelson W Publishing / 2021 / Hardcover
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Find freedom when you let Jesus lead the battle for your heart! Scripture makes it clear that Satan will do anything to tempt you into poor decisions and self-defeating mindsets---including anxiety, rage, lust, and despair. But by examining Psalm 23 in fresh ways, Giglio helps you reject enemy voices and receive encouragement, hope, and strength. 208 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

Discover the life-changing message of forgiveness in this lovely four-color journal, written by Lysa TerKeurst, complete with personal photographs and interactive content. Lysa will guide you as you engage with questions about what forgiveness is, process through what it isn't, and understand how to deal with difficult relationships.

With beautiful four-color photographs of Lysa's home and other significant places she worked through her own healing, The Forgiveness Journal is the invitation to freedom your soul needs. As Lysa writes, "Forgiveness is possible. And it is good. Your heart is much too beautiful of a place for unhealed pain. Your soul is much too deserving of new possibilities to stay stuck here. And today is the perfect day to start taking steps on this unexpected, miraculous pathway to healing."

Does it feel as if the floodwaters are rising, with no rescue boat in sight? Koziarz understands hopelessness and its destructive results: despair, doubt, unbelief, and faithlessness. While studying the biblical account of Noah, she discovered five key choices that were critical to regaining and keeping her faith and hope---now she shares them with us! 208 pages, softcover from Bethany.

  1. The Well-Watered Woman: Rooted in Truth, Growing in Grace, Flourishing in Faith
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    Gretchen Saffles
    Tyndale Momentum / 2021 / Hardcover
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    5 out of 5 stars for The Well-Watered Woman: Rooted in Truth, Growing in Grace, Flourishing in Faith. View reviews of this product. 37 Reviews
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Experience fullness and peace beyond life's disappointing endings by finding a fresh start in Christ! Sharing God's Word and her own story of surrender, Saffles offers spiritually hungry women the tools to not only know Jesus more, but start leading a life that enjoys, seeks, and follows him daily. Foreword by Ruth Chou Simons. 304 pages, hardcover from Tyndale.

  1. His Mighty Strength: Walk Daily in the Same Power that Raised Jesus from the Dead
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    Randy Frazee
    Thomas Nelson / 2021 / Trade Paperback
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The same power that brought about Jesus' resurrection is accessible to you today---through the Scriptures! Frazee encourages you to draw on Christ's source of strength; rely on the Holy Spirit; say "yes" to God in large and small matters; conquer habits, addictions, and destructive patterns; and trust that the Lord will work through you. 224 pages, softcover from Nelson.

Meyer leads us on an exciting transformational journey through Proverbs, to uncover its many spiritual and practical treasures! To gain its foundational qualities---wisdom, understanding, prudence, knowledge, discretion, discernment, and fear of the Lord---we must put its lessons into practice. Inspiring questions and plenty of space for thoughtful reflections and prayers aid in reaching that goal. 224 pages, hardcover from Faithwords.

  1. Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World: Certain Hope In Uncertain Times
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    Dr. David Jeremiah
    Thomas Nelson W Publishing / 2021 / Trade Paperback
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Crisis engulfs us as millions of people experience immeasurable, unanticipated challenges. But if we rely on God's Word to advise us, calm us, and fill us with hope and trust in the One who understands what is happening, we can weather any storm. Jeremiah updates his classic work, offering practical instructions needed at this tumultuous hour. 256 pages, softcover from Nelson.

  1. The Feeler: Discovering How Sensitivity Helps You Discern and Act on God's Voice
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    James W. Goll
    Whitaker House / 2021 / Trade Paperback
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    4.5 out of 5 stars for The Feeler: Discovering How Sensitivity Helps You Discern and Act on God's Voice. View reviews of this product. 3 Reviews
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