Featured Titles - Spiritual Growth

Feel like there's more to life? You're right! Best-selling author Comer unpacks God's vision for the journey of our souls; reveals obstacles holding us back from authentically following Christ; and suggests countercultural spiritual practices---like hospitality, simplicity, and community---that can connect us with a vibrant, lifelong faith. Rethink your assumptions about discipleship and embrace apprenticeship under Jesus! 304 pages, hardcover from Waterbrook.

Find comfort in the midst of life's chaos! Drawing from his decades of study and times of discouragement, Jeremiah offers biblical examples of hope to help you during challenging seasons; inspiring teaching on how to claim victory even in the hardest times; and practical wisdom for holding God's promises in your heart. 208 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

Grow closer to Jesus as you join Wolgemuth for a 50-day journey into his one-of-a-kind story! Along the way, her meditations will help you reflect on the person of Christ; consider his work and words; contemplate his pre-existence, prayer life, atoning work, and second coming; and more. An ideal devotional companion for Lent and Easter. 240 pages, hardcover from Moody.

A down-to-earth message of encouragement for those of us who mean well, but don't always succeed. If you're a less-than-perfect follower, or even a prime candidate for the "Lost Halo Society," take heart. Jacob was the same! Learn how God lovingly led the prodigal patriarch despite his failings---and why that's wonderful news for us today. 240 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

Satan's strategies are hidden in plain sight---distraction and temptation surround us! Tozer's never-before-published compilation offers piercing insights to help nourish life-giving decisions amid a culture that prizes evil. By recognizing the enemy's tactics, withstanding temptation, and walking confidently with God, you can resist the devil and firmly stand on holy ground. 160 pages, softcover from Bethany.

We know feelings are powerful---yet too often we're taught to regard them with suspicion. In this spiritually grounded, soul-nourishing book, trauma expert and life coach Dr. Phillips explains that "your mind is not your superpower. Your heart is!" Learn how to cultivate a positive, Christ-centered emotional life---and allow your whole being to flourish! 240 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

The Lord is inviting you to flourish, heal, and know his peace! Larson's 40-day pilgrimage will help you retrain your brain to notice God's goodness, revive your faith by saying and praying his promises, restore a right view of God's character based on the Bible, renew your strength by following the healer, and more. 240 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

Do you ever get a glimpse of yourself that is exactly who you want to be, but always seems just out of reach? The happier, kinder, less stressed, more courageous you? The ideal version of you isn't imaginary at all. It's actually the authentic you trying to break through. And it's not a future version of yourself you have to chase. The true you may be new to you, but it's not new to God. It's the you he knew all along.

In Do the New You, New York Times bestselling author and pastor Steven Furtick speaks directly to the challenge of living out your God-given identity and calling. He explores and unpacks six practical mindsets everyone can adopt to get from who you are today to where God is taking you. These six statements are truths you can speak over yourself any time and anywhere:

  • I'm not stuck unless I stop.
  • Christ is in me. I am enough.
  • With God there's always a way and by faith I will find it.
  • God is not against me, but he's in it with me, working through me, fighting for me.
  • My joy is my job.
  • God has given me everything I need for the season I'm in.

These simple, powerful, memorable phrases will shift your focus, feelings, and actions to align with God's vision of you. God isn't just calling you to do you. He's calling you to do the new you---the unique and powerful person he created you to be.

Throughout the Bible, God's relationship to humanity is enunciated in a series of ongoing covenants---with Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus. What exactly does God promise? What are his adherents then expected to do? Going to the heart of true faith, Robb artfully interweaves biblical history with moving personal stories. 128 pages, softcover. Abingdon.

In The Third Day: Living the Resurrection, Tom Berlin uses his gifts of storytelling and understanding the Scriptures to connect the reader to the experiences of several individuals around Jesus in his final days, focusing on new life and redemption rather than loss.

Join Peter, Mary Magdalene, and Thomas as they feel the despair of losing Jesus and the surprise and joy that awaits them in the resurrection. This study traces events around these characters, along with Paul and the disciples at Emmaus, and how the resurrection transforms their lives. 144 pages, softcover from Abingdon.

he book can be read alone or used for a six-week group study and church-wide Lenten program. Components include a comprehensive Leader Guide and video teaching sessions featuring Tom (with closed captioning).

Looking back can get us stuck---in a place, memory, mindset, or habit. Raising the rallying cry, "Remember Lot's wife," Caine encourages us to follow Jesus instead, even when we don't know where we're going or how long the journey will take. Glean strategies for moving from where you are into God's wondrous plans, purposes, and promises! 240 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

We’re trying to "get it together" in areas we have no control over. We keep trying, but we’ll never move the needle to a better future because it has nothing to do with us or anything we can do.

You don’t always have to give in to what the world, your family, or your own self declares is the way things are "supposed" to be. God desires goodness and joy for us. God, Jesus, and the Spirit went to great lengths to offer you and me the best good news ever.