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    The Daniel Plan teaches simple ways to incorporate healthy choices into a reader's current lifestyle and helps them understand the kind of foods God created to keep them fit and strong. The book is categorized around five key concepts for optimal health that promote success: faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends. These concepts encourage readers to deepen their relationship with God and offer inspiration as they make positive choices each and every day.

    Tired of the polarizing conversations in today's culture? Escape the partisan arguments by choosing to take Jesus' side! Sauls reminds us that Jesus simply doesn't fit into any of the "boxes" we may create for ourselves---liberal or conservative, traditional or contemporary. Instead he offers us the freedom to love outside the lines. 224 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

          In This Is My Body, Ragan Sutterfield shares his lifelong journey to physical and spiritual wholeness. As a teenager he tried extreme measures to rid himself of childhood chubbiness, as an adult he found himself obese, a smoker, in a failing marriage. In this book, learn how he came to embrace a biblical faith that affirmed who he was, both soul and body. He also documents his remarkable journey from overweight addict to Ironman competitor. Hardcover.

          During the last decade, many people have substituted the joy of real friendship with cheap social media imitations. In this laugh-out-loud memoir, popular blogger Shankle celebrates the special people that God brings into our lives at exactly the right moments; and reveals the influence these relationships have on who we were, are, and will become.

          Do you feel the tension between the pleasures of earth and the purpose of heaven? You want to enjoy life in this world--the beauty of God's creation and the rich love of deep relationships with others--yet you wonder if you were made for more. You long to be radically committed to Jesus, but you're not sure what that means for your everyday life.

          Michael Wittmer explains how to bring your human and Christian lives together. When you grasp God's story, you'll understand that not only is it possible to serve Jesus and still enjoy your life, but it's the only way you can.