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If there's one spiritual weapon Satan doesn't want you to use, it's prayer.

This book will show you the importance of fighting the enemy in the spirit, and why being equipped with God’s warfare weapons is one of the most life-changing experiences of all.

Christians have an enemy who will do everything in his power to alter, edit, stop, delay, and abort their God-given destiny. Satan and his demonic kingdom have one purpose: to kill, steal, and destroy.

Learn how the indwelling of the Holy Spirit shapes your unique faith! Best-selling author and pastor Evans examines a dozen significant biblical titles of the Third Person of the Trinity---including Living Water, Helper, Wind and Fire, Intercessor, and Power---and reveals what each one teaches us about this powerful, present, and personal expression of God. 224 pages, softcover from Harvest.

Daughter of God, Step into Your Identity as a Giant Slayer!

With each new horror screamed from the headlines, you can feel the growing panic for our future and the future generations. This world--where school shootings, sex trafficking, and hook-up culture are rampant--is not what we want to be the norm. But what can we do in the face of such evil?

The enemy doesn't want you to know the truth: as a daughter of God, you carry a powerful mantle for Kingdom change. The issues of our day that feel like Goliaths seeking to take out a generation are no match for one woman who decides to boldly arise, step into her identity and wield her sword of Kingdom authority.

In The Deborah Mantle, author and prophetess Christy Johnston teaches on the biblical story of Deborah, offering revelatory insights that empower you to step into your full Kingdom authority to redirect culture, restore broken families, and shape a legacy for generations to come.

With warmth and insight, Christy dives into Deborah's life, revealing how this biblical heroine approached the fierce battles of her day. Here, you will gain everything you need to effect powerful change around you, including how to:

  • Enter in to the secret place with the Father.
  • Discover and deploy divine solutions and strategies in prayer.
  • Walk with confident humility in to war-and return victorious.
  • Slay the "Goliath" giants of this generation through prayer, intercession and warfare.
  • Don't waste one more minute frozen in fear--you are powerful through the Holy Spirit! Now is the time to step out in boldness and courage, laying waste to the idols of our day, redirecting culture, restoring broken families, and looking to the future with joyful expectation.

    If you want to have your life ignited every day with effortless faith, joy, peace, purpose, and direction, you're going to love this book--with the emphasis on the word effortless. God has the perfect plan for your life, and He promises to pour it out on you when you simply live for His purpose rather than your own.

    This is a simple presentation of God's Word that, when followed with childlike faith, will bring you into an intimate relationship with God. Imagine living every day with purpose, free from worry, and full of joy, no matter what the day holds for you.

    What if your understanding of spiritual authority is wrong?

    In 2010, Pastor Mike Thompson had a supernatural encounter that changed his life. He was caught up in a vision of the third heaven, where he gained a revelation about engaging in spiritual warfare and exercising spiritual authority from heaven's perspective--looking down from above rather than looking up from below.

    In Third-Heaven Authority, Thompson shares sounds biblical teaching combined with prophetic insight to help you take your position in Christ Jesus and experience powerful answers to prayer. You will learn how to:

  • Walk in the supernatural realm
  • Develop a more effective prayer life
  • Release God's miraculous power into your circumstances
  • As you learn to walk in the spiritual authority that is already yours through Christ and see situations from heaven's point of view, you will be fully equipped to avoid deceptive traps of the enemy and pray more confidently and effectively. Perspective is everything when it comes to walking in the spiritual authority Jesus has given believers--and Jesus is the only one who can release the miraculous in your life.

    Do you feel buffeted by spiritual attacks, flurries of fear, anxiety, sorrow, or lethargy? All of these are manifestations of demonic assault. But as a born again child of God, you have been filled with the Spirit and given the very Word of God to walk in authority over every power of the enemy.

    Prophetic teacher and speaker, Isaac Pitre received a life-changing vision: as sons and daughters of God discovered their true identity, Heavenly mantles of power and authority fell to earth, descending upon the shoulders of everyday believers--like you!

    In the realm of the spirit, invisible forces contend over the will of God for your life, but you are not alone in this fight. Warrior angels--servants of fire--have been sent to minister to you as an heir of salvation.

    Joseph Z,Bible teacher and prophetic seer, reveals the role of God's angelis warriors who carry out the Word of God on your behalf. Servants of Fire deslivers sound biblical instruction to unveil the realm of the spirit and bring to pass the will, plans, and purposes of God on the earth.

    Stop Allowing Demonic Curses Access to You and Your Family

    Are your prayers going unanswered? Have you been suffering with no respite or breakthrough? Does it feel like the devil is opposing you at every turn? These are just a few signs that generational curses are at work in your life.

    Don't be fooled: The curses flowing down your earthly bloodlines can--and do--harass you in the here and now. Yet through the work of Jesus, your Advocate and Intercessor, you are fully equipped to break every curse holding you back.

    Having experienced freedom in his own life and lineage, apostle and bestselling author Robert Henderson takes you to the Courts of Heaven, guiding you through the process of annulling demonic curses and clearing the way for breakthrough and victory.

    In this biblical and accessible guide, he equips you to:

  • Identify signs and symptoms of curses operating in your life.
  • Apply the legal work of Jesus in the Courts of Heaven to demolish bloodline curses.
  • Make breakthrough decrees.
  • Release the voice of Jesus, Your Advocate, over every curse holding you back from victory.
  • Renounce and revoke all generational curses today, and watch the floodgates of Heaven open over your life_and the lives of your family!
  • Live shielded from Hell's interruptions.

    Is it possible to live in a dimension of God's divine protection where you are safeguarded from the attacks of the enemy? Jesus said that in the world we would have tribulation, but with that statement came a radical promise: He had overcome the world. This same anointing of divine preservation lives inside of you!

    What is preservation? Divine protection--a dimension where God is watching over you so no scheme or strategy of the enemy can prevail against you. Prophet and pastor Hank Kunneman teaches you how to activate God's divine protection so you are shielded from the dark strategies of the enemy.

    Get ready to:

  • Understand how the spirit realm operates in a greater dimension.
  • Cooperate with God's supernatural activity in your life.
  • Spiritually shield your life, your family, your home, and your nation from the plots of satan.
  • Discern how the anointing of preservation significantly impacts the natural realm in spectacular ways, confirming God's hand is at work.
  • The truths in this book will show you how to partner with the spirit realm to gain protection from evil so you can bring God's Kingdom to Earth!
  • The mind is the enemy's favorite battlefield. He knows if he can implant fear there, he can prevent us from experiencing God's love and peace. Our own minds can torment us when we experience emotional ailments, vain imaginations, uncontrollable thoughts, demonic attacks, or mental health issues.

    In Mind Battles: Root Out Mental Triggers to Release Peace, you will discover:

  • The Bible's arsenal of tools and weapons to uproot demonic strongholds
  • How to take control of vain imaginations
  • The root cause of depressing and tormenting thoughts that threaten your destiny
  • Step-by-step instructions, prayers, and prophetic applications for deliverance and breakthrough.
  • Revelation and biblical insights to receive mental peace
  • When you uproot the mental triggers that are trying to destroy your peace of mind, you'll find that supernatural healing awaits.

    "As the family goes, so goes the nation."

    Nations are in turmoil because of satan's attack on the family. As countless households have surrendered to the slumbering spell of the spirit of this age, the world has increasingly fallen into decay. But there is hope! Destruction of this demonic agenda is possible, and it begins at home!

    "Revival will come to a nation when the family altar is restored." Cheryl Sacks, a dynamic Kingdom leader and prophetic intercessor, heard these words from the Lord. Today, she is wholeheartedly working to turn the tide by filling households across the nation with Holy Spirit power!

    In Fire on the Family Altar, Cheryl offers prophetic decrees and practical instructions for restoring the family altar in your home, so you can operate in the strength that God created families to maintain within culture.

  • In this bold book, you will discover how to:
  • Pray supernatural prayers that catapult children into divine destiny.
  • Bring your household into encounters with the Holy Spirit.
  • Safeguard your family from the powers of darkness.
  • Raise up Kingdom reformers who will shape and impact every sphere of culture.
  • Don't allow the spirit of this age to hold families captive any longer. One righteous family can make a difference! Restore the family altar in your home, and spark the flames of revival!

    The spiritual realm affects everyday life in ways we’ve never imagined!

    This book will revolutionize your understanding of how the spiritual and physical worlds connect with one another so you can strategically live out kingdom purposes in all areas of your life.

    Since Blake Healy was a child, he has seen angels, demons, and other spiritual realities. He sees them with the naked eye as clearly as anything else. In his latest book, he gives readers a peek behind the veil as he shows them how the physical and spiritual realms connect.