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  1. Laughing Through the Ugly Cry and Finding Unstoppable Joy
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    Dawn Barton
    Thomas Nelson / 2020 / Hardcover
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    5 out of 5 stars for Laughing Through the Ugly Cry and Finding Unstoppable Joy. View reviews of this product. 2 Reviews
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Barton tells the honest and sometimes raw story of her journey through the loss of a child, divorce, cancer, rape, the death of her only sibling, her husband's substance abuse---and finding her way back to Jesus in the midst of it all. A touching, winsome, and funny book to share with those facing life's heart-wrenching circumstances. 224 pages, hardcover from Nelson.


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  1. The Fight to Flourish
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    Jennie Lusko
    Thomas Nelson / 2020 / Hardcover
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    5 out of 5 stars for The Fight to Flourish. View reviews of this product. 1 Reviews
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In The Fight to Flourish, Jenne Lusko explores what it means to live when life is tough, unthinkable, or just plain messy. Her story is centered on one of her favorite Scriptures, Psalm 92:12-15:

The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

How do you live a full life? Perhaps the better question is, how do you really live when life throws you sucker punches, when you face obstacles that seem to snuff out your faith, when you lose something or someone precious to you? In The Fight to Flourish, Jennie Lusko encourages women to suit up and thrive, not just in the dailies of monotony and routine but even in the most desolate of places. Using the backdrop of her second-born daughter Lenya's passing into heaven five days before Christmas in 2012, Jennie invites readers to embrace whatever destination they've landed. She teaches how, through the good and the bad, they can learn to grow, be strong, draw near to God, and be a blessing to others. It is in this sacred space of pain and promise that women can begin to flourish.

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Using Psalm 139, Abbey Wedgeworth walks alongside women suffering the heartbreak of miscarriage. Having experienced the sorrow of miscarriage herself, she acknowledges the isolation commonly felt and the impact that such an experience can have on faith.

The 31 biblical reflections in this beautiful and comforting book remind grieving women that God sees them, knows them, loves them, and is actively caring for them. These precious verses will show women that God can bring comfort, assurance, protection, and purpose in the very sorrow that they are experiencing.

Includes personal stories of pregnancy loss from others, including Courtney Reissig, Kristie Anyabwile, and Eric Schumacher encouraging sufferers that they are not alone. It is a very helpful book to give to women who are suffering in this way.

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  1. This Life We Share: Journeying Well with God and Others
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    Maggie Wallem Rowe
    NavPress / 2020 / Hardcover
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    5 out of 5 stars for This Life We Share: Journeying Well with God and Others. View reviews of this product. 11 Reviews
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In This Life We Share, Maggie Wallem Rowe offers 52 reflections for women seeking refreshment in their daily lives of working, parenting, grandparenting--whatever stage they find themselves. Drawing insights from Jesus' words in Mark 14:8, "She did what she could," Wallem Rowe helps women live with confidence and give grace to themselves, as they give to others.

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We can't seem to escape the allure of the "try harder" gospel--the message that if we just keep going, keep hustling, keep pretending everything is great, we'll find success and happiness. But clinical therapist Aundi Kolber knows firsthand where this path leads: White-knuckling leaves us overworked and overwhelmed, exhausted and numb.

There is a better way. In her debut book, Try Softer, Aundi shows us, through the latest psychology, practical exercises, and her own story, how God specifically designed our bodies and minds to work together to process our lives and overcome obstacles.

Trying softer is sacred work. And while it won't be perfect or easy, it will be worth it--because this is what we were made for: a living, feeling, connected, beautiful life.

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