2020 Christian Book Award ®: Ministry Resources Finalists

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  1. Advocates: The Narrow Path to Racial Reconciliation
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    Advocates: The Narrow Path to Racial Reconciliation
    Dhati Lewis
    B&H Books / 2019 / Hardcover
    $5.99 Retail: $12.99 Save 54% ($7.00)
    4.5 Stars Out Of 5 2 Reviews

A slave runs away from his master, and a mutual friend steps in to mediate between them. Is healing possible? In this timely study of the Book of Philemon, Pastor Dhati Lewis unpacks key principles that Paul applied in this situation—explaining the difference between "advocates" and "aggravators" in the ongoing ministry of reconciliation.

  1. The Care of Souls: Cultivating A Pastor's Heart
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    The Care of Souls: Cultivating A Pastor's Heart
    Harold Senkbell
    Lexham Press / 2019 / Hardcover
    $15.49 Retail: $21.99 Save 30% ($6.50)
    4.5 Stars Out Of 5 3 Reviews

Pastors care for a soul in the way a doctor cares for a body. In a time when many churches have lost sight of the real purpose of the church, The Care of Souls invites a new generation of pastors to form the godly habits and practical wisdom needed to minister to the hearts and souls of those committed to their care.

Harold Senkbeil helps remind pastors of the essential calling of the ministry: preaching and living out the Word of God while orienting others in the same direction. And he offers practical and fruitful advice—born out of his five decades as a pastor—that will benefit both new pastors and those with years in the pulpit.

Drawing on a lifetime of pastoral experience, The Care of Souls is a beautifully written treasury of proven wisdom which pastors will find themselves turning to again and again.

  1. Ministry with the Forgotten: Dementia through a Spiritual Lens
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    Ministry with the Forgotten: Dementia through a Spiritual Lens
    Kenneth L. Carder
    Abingdon Press / 2019 / Trade Paperback
    $15.49 Retail: $22.99 Save 33% ($7.50)

Dementia diseases represent a crisis of faith for many family members and congregations. Magnifying this crisis is the way people with dementia tend to be objectified by both medical and religious communities. They are recipients of treatment and projects for mission. Ministry is done to and for them rather than with them.

While acknowledging the devastation of dementia diseases, Ken Carder draws on his own experience as a caregiver, hospice chaplain, and pastoral practitioner to portray the gifts as well as the challenges accompanying dementia diseases. He confronts the deep personal and theological questions created by loving people with dementia diseases, demonstrating how living with dementia can be a means of growing in faith, wholeness, and ministry for the entire community of faith. He also reveals that authentic faith transcends intellectual beliefs, verbal affirmations, and prescribed practices. Carder asserts that the Judeo-Christian tradition offers a broader lens, defining personhood in relationship to God’s story and humanity’s participation in God’s mighty acts of creation and new creation; thereby contributing to hope, community, and self-worth.

Pastors and congregations will be better equipped to minister with people affected by dementia, receiving their gifts and responding to their unique needs. They will learn how people with dementia contribute to the community and the church’s life and mission, discovering practical ways those contributions can be identified, nurtured, and incorporated into the church’s life and ministry.

  1. Servant of All: Reframing Greatness and Leadership through the Teachings of Jesus
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    Servant of All: Reframing Greatness and Leadership through the Teachings of Jesus
    Ralph Enlow
    Lexham Press / 2019 / Trade Paperback
    $9.99 Retail: $12.99 Save 23% ($3.00)

Servant leadership is commended by popular leadership writers and scholars. However, much of the practical, theoretical, and even theological commentary on servant leadership doesn’t do the Bible justice. It fails to account for the context and history of interpretation around this often-quoted saying of Jesus. This context has everything to do with a truly biblical understanding of servant leadership, and that’s what Servant of All unfolds.

In a culture where greatness is often confused with fame or competence, Servant of All is a much-needed correction. This useful guide includes personal and group reflection questions, ideal for ministry training and discipleship.

  1. Unlikely Converts: Improbable Stories of Faith and What They Teach Us About Evangelism
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    Unlikely Converts: Improbable Stories of Faith and What They Teach Us About Evangelism
    Randy Newman
    Kregel Publications / 2019 / Trade Paperback
    $13.49 Retail: $17.99 Save 25% ($4.50)

Most Christians have people in their lives who they're sure will never come to faith. Whether they're too committed to their sinful ways, too angry at God, or too quick to shut down any mention of the saving grace of Jesus, these long shots don't seem worth approaching.

But some of the most unlikely converts have the strongest faith stories, and they can be a source of incredible encouragement for Christians who are trying to evangelize those around them. Randy Newman knows firsthand the discomfort that comes with sharing the gospel. He's been tongue-tied and timid too. But the truth is we don't need to sound like the brilliant, charismatic, legendary evangelists.

In Unlikely Converts, Randy shares surprising conversion stories straight from those who took the long way around to Christianity. He considers current cultural trends that make evangelism more difficult today. Then with his characteristic upbeat style, he offers practical, actual words to proclaim the gospel and provides a plan of action.

In the end, Unlikely Converts encourages us to remember that while the Great Commission requires us to speak, it does not require perfection, only confidence in the gospel message.