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Lean in and linger in Jesus' embrace. Perfection is NOT required.

Many women believe that we aren't good enough to meet other people's expectations. Maybe you can't wrap words around why, but lurking beneath the surface of the carefully curated public mask that you wear. The great news woven throughout the Gospel according to Luke is that perfection is not a prerequisite for a deep and personal relationship with Jesus. Join Lisa Harper in this Bible study of a literary masterpiece that doesn't celebrate the elite, but embraces the outliers, outcasts, and overlooked!

The Luke: Gut-Level Compassion Study Guide plus Streaming Video includes:

  • The study guide itself-with discussion and reflection questions, video notes, and a leader's guide.
  • Personal study of Scripture and context.
  • Scripture memory cards and coloring pages.
  • An individual access code to stream all eight video sessions online. (You don't need to buy a DVD!)

Video Sessions and Run Times:

  • Outliers, Outcasts, and the Outrageous Mercy of God (26:00)
  • Worship in the Waiting (25:00)
  • Uphill Glory (29:00)
  • Gut-Level Compassion (27:00)
  • The Tender Heart of Obedience (32:00)
  • A Beautiful Unbending (31:00)
  • A Most Radical Restoration (31:00)
  • A Tale of Two Rooms (31:00)


Jesus is never absent. You are never alone.

When world events feel chaotic and scary--

When you feel crippled by fear and anxiety--

When you feel hurt by the very people you thought you could count on--

It's tempting to wonder "Jesus, are you here? Do you care?"

Though we may feel alone sometimes, Jesus assures us we are not. Even when we can't see Him, He is here. Even when we aren't hearing Him, He isn't silent. How can we know this for sure? Because Jesus is never absent in any of Scripture, and he's certainly not absent in our lives either.

In 30 Days with Jesus: Experiencing His Presence Throughout the Old and New Testaments authors Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Joel Muddamalle will help you:

1. Reframe your questions and doubts as opportunities to look for Jesus with greater intentionality throughout your day.

2. Make connections between the Old and New Testaments so you can understand the Bible as one complete story.

3. Overcome dread or confusion toward studying Scripture as you receive six weeks of guided readings, reflection questions, and relevant takeaways.

Jesus isn't hiding from us; He's waiting to be seen by us. Let this Bible study help you experience His presence every single day.

If your time in the Bible has felt tedious and you are longing to revitalize your faith, the 90-Day Bible Reading Challenge is here to help.

With this book as your guide, you can grow your faith in ways you never have before by reading the Bible for the next 90 days—cover to cover.

It may sound impossible, but it's absolutely not. Having briskly read through the Bible for years, author Mary DeMuth knows the profound impact this spiritual reset can have. Here she gives you her own comprehensive--and achievable--reading plan, fresh devotionals and insights, and encouragement to keep you going. You'll not only read the entire Bible in three months, you'll also:

  • savor the life-changing power of God's timeless truths
  • trace the presence of Jesus throughout the entirety of the Bible
  • emerge with freedom and healing
  • learn to navigate your world with wisdom and joy

 We all need a reset. This is your invitation to wrest yourself away from the siren call of the world and reorient your heart to worship the One who gave his life for you.

No detail is insignificant!

Let's be honest. Parts of the Bible can seem . . . well, uninspired. What's the point of a boring genealogy? Why did this nameless bystander appear in the best-selling book of all time? What difference does it make that a certain meeting with Jesus took place in one location instead of another?

With a warm and easy tone, John A. Beck helps us to look more closely at the people and locales of the Gospels and see the unexpected and profound significance of seemingly unimportant details. By leaving us with practical application in every powerful scene, Beck provides life-changing lessons that will help us remain humbly focused on Christ. 

The truths unpacked through 150 readings don’t just inform us of the who, what, and where of key events in the life of Christ; they help us accept our role in continuing the work of Jesus in building His geographically and culturally diverse kingdom. With full-color photographs, intriguing history, and biblical wisdom for life today, A Walking Tour of the Gospels is perfect for individual study or family devotions.

From Job's beginnings as a wealthy, God-honoring family man, through his time of intense suffering and grief, and finally to the abundant restoration of everything he'd lost, Job's story helps us learn more about God's power and purposes - even in a world full of pain.

In this 10-week Bible study, Lydia Brownback goes beyond the familiar lessons from the Old Testament book of Job and invites women into an in-depth, exegetical journey through the text. Written for individuals or groups, each lesson explores topics around faith, doubt, and suffering and explains the context of Job in redemptive history. With resources including reading plans and discussion questions, this challenging yet accessible study encourages women to love studying God's word.

  • In-Depth, Exegetical Studies: Each week includes a brief introduction, summaries of that week's passages, and application questions for deeper study and review
  • Quick, Engaging Weekly Resources: Helpful reading plans, sidebars, timelines, and more to help busy readers get the most out of Scripture
  • Perfect for Individuals or Small Groups: Includes discussion questions, additional verses for further reading, and a URL with tips for leaders

Study the truth of the gospel's accounts of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. Our eternal future rests upon whether or not the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are legitimate or only legends. Through this 8-week group study journey, your confidence in the truth of Scripture will be renewed and you'll gain a more captivating view of the Savior. And along the way you'll acquire skills that will help you become a better student of all of Scripture.

This Bible study guide includes leader helps for group discussion, 8-weeks for group study (7 weeks of personal study), and teaching videos accessible via redemption code printed inside the book. Each video is approximately 20-25 minutes.

Specific video sessions and run times are listed below.