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Too often, believers shy away from studying Revelation---but we're missing out! In this accessible yet robust guide, Guthrie explains that John's prophecy is less about when Jesus will return and more about who we're meant to be---and what we can expect to endure---as we wait for his coming to establish his kingdom. 272 pages, softcover from Crossway.

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Jesus is the most famous human being in all of history. But while many people have a basic sketch of Jesus in their minds, comparatively few have taken time to read the four biographies of his life in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

In Confronting Jesus, Rebecca McLaughlin shares important biblical context to help all readers see why the Gospels should be taken seriously as historical documents. Exploring eyewitness testimony about Jesus, McLaughlin points to him as a first-century Jewish man who is the Son of God, King of the Jews, mighty healer, greatest teacher, lover of sinners, suffering servant, perfect sacrifice, and universal Lord. This follow-up to her first book, Confronting Christianity, helps readers understand the message of the Gospels and explore who Jesus really is. Individuals and groups can work through the book together with the Confronting Jesus Study Guide and the Confronting Jesus Video Study.

  • Acts
    Scot Mcknight
    HarperChristian Resources / 2022 / Trade Paperback
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The book of Acts shows the spread of the gospel from a band of apostles to all over the Roman Empire. The apostles were on a mission of God - and that same mission exists today and it is a unifying factor for the church. Exploring the links between the Bible and our own times, McKnight shares perspectives that reveal the enduring relevance of the Book of Acts for our lives today. Ideal for personal reflection or group study, Acts will help you see God in the biblical context so you can hear from God in your context.

In the New Testament Everyday Bible Study Series, widely respected biblical scholar Scot McKnight combines interpretive insights with pastoral wisdom for all the books of the New Testament. Each volume provides:

  • Original Meaning. Brief, precise expositions of the biblical text and offers a clear focus for the central message of each passage.
  • Fresh Interpretation. Brings the passage alive with fresh images and what it means to follow King Jesus.
  • Practical Application. Biblical connections and questions for reflection and application for each passage.

Everyone longs for wholeness and honesty in their lives. In reality, people are often double-minded—pulled between good and evil—in their speech, actions, and character. These rifts can be spiritually and relationally devastating. So how does God heal a fractured heart?

This exploration of the New Testament book of James helps readers identify double-mindedness in their own lives and understand God’s grace as he “pulls apart the divided heart to make it whole.” Explaining James’s challenging epistle chapter by chapter, David Gibson helps readers embrace the painful yet profound process of redemption, defeat double-mindedness, and experience wholeness in every area of their lives.

Work out the practical and relational way in which each woman's story speaks for each of us today!

Based on the New York Times bestselling book The Women of the Bible Speak, learn to write your own story and journey of faith as you make the connections between God's specific attention to the female heart through a deeper, more personal connection to the women of the Bible.

In the sixteen lessons, you'll be challenged to consider the parallels between each woman's story and your own. You'll be asked to reflect on how God worked in their lives and how he's working in yours.

Each of the sixteen characters in the book will have a chapter in the workbook that will take the user through exercises such as:

  • READ invites you to read key moments of each woman's life in the Bible andconnect with her story.
  • REFLECT provides an opportunity to identify specific character traits, responsesto God, and acts of faith, as well as your similar traits, responses, and acts offaith.
  • PRAY asks you to prayerfully consider how this woman's story ties into the workGod is doing in your life right now.