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  1. Theology of Paul and His Letters: The Gift of the New Realm in Christ
    Douglas J. Moo
    Zondervan Academic / 2021 / Hardcover
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Theology of Paul and His Letters is a landmark study by Douglas J. Moo and is indispensable for in-depth exploration of Paul's writings. Moo's groundbreaking resource includes three sections: methodological issues, formative influences, and categories of thought; description of each letter's theology; and synthesis of the overarching theme. Engaging with recent scholarship, Moo's comprehensive treatment provides insights drawn from decades of experience.

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  1. The Lord Is My Shepherd: Psalm 23 for the Life of the Church
    Richard S. Briggs
    Baker Academic / 2021 / Hardcover
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There are few biblical texts more familiar to Christians than Psalm 23: "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want . . ." It is one of the Bible's most popular passages, retaining a special place in ministry and giving hope to the burdened.

Internationally recognized Old Testament scholar Richard Briggs helps readers understand the power and vision of Psalm 23. He offers a close word-by-word and phrase-by-phrase reading of this classic and beloved text, showing how it can speak afresh to the life of the church today. Briggs explores the reception of Psalm 23 down through the ages, covers background issues, and examines the ways the psalm addresses practical issues such as stress, death, enemies, and hope. The book helps reconnect the Christian church to the Old Testament, making it perfect for sermon preparation and small group study.

The Touchstone Texts series addresses key Bible passages, making high-quality biblical scholarship accessible for the church. The series editor is Stephen B. Chapman, Duke Divinity School.

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  1. Old Testament Use of Old Testament: A Book-by-Book Guide
    Gary Edward Schnittjer
    Zondervan / 2020 / Hardcover
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The Hebrew Bible contains hundreds of intertextual allusions. Gary Edward Schnittjer's extraordinarily useful and easy-to-navigate resource systematically cross-references each one, and provides a hermeneutical profile of how every Old Testament book uses Scripture--helping you to gain powerful exegetical insights into interrelated passages. Includes a comprehensive list of allusions followed by interpretive explanations.

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  1. The Prophets of Israel: Walking the Ancient Paths
    James K. Hoffmeier
    Kregel Academics / 2021 / Hardcover
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Gain a better understanding of the biblical prophets by viewing them in their ancient settings. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of Near Eastern culture, geography, politics, and Scripture, Old Testament scholar and field archaeologist Hoffmeier provides stunning photos and images, offers clear explanations of the prophets' messages, and illuminates their works with theological clarity. Includes study questions. 400 pages, hardcover from Kregel.

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  1. Providence
    John Piper
    Crossway / 2021 / Hardcover
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The providence of God is his purposeful sovereignty by which he will be completely successful in the achievement of his ultimate goal for the universe. God’s providence carries his plans into action, guides all things toward his ultimate goal, and leads to the final consummation. Pastor and author John Piper draws on a lifetime of theological reflection, biblical study, and practical ministry to lead readers on a stunning tour of the sightings of God’s providence—from Genesis to Revelation—to discover the all-encompassing reality of God’s purposeful sovereignty over all of creation and all of history. Exploring the goal, nature, and extent of God’s purposes for the world, Piper offers an invitation to know the God who holds all things in his hands yet remains intimately involved in the lives of his people.

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