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Philip Yancey is the bestselling author of numerous books including What's So Amazing About Grace?, and The Jesus I Never Knew. He also serves as editor-at-large for Christianity Today. A self-described pilgrim recovering from a negative church upbringing, Yancey feels "called to speak to those living in the borderlands of faith."

During COVID-19, the Gold Medallion Award-winning author found solace for weathering crises in these meditations on death by England's great metaphysical poet/preacher. Yancey poetically yet faithfully updates Donne's prose, opening the classic to a modern audience. He explores the frailty of the human heart, God's sovereignty and goodness, and the hope of the resurrection. 288 pages, softcover. Rabbit Room.

Searching for answers, Yancey dives into his family origins, taking us on an evocative journey from the backwoods of the Bible Belt to the bustling streets of Philadelphia; from trailer parks to church sanctuaries; from family oddballs to fire-and-brimstone preachers and childhood awakenings through nature, music, and literature. In time, the weight of religious and family pressure sent both sons on opposite paths—one toward healing from the impact of what he calls a "toxic faith," the other into a self-destructive spiral.

Where the Light Fell is a gripping family narrative set against a turbulent time in post–World War II America, shaped by the collision of Southern fundamentalism with the mounting pressures of the civil rights movement and Sixties-era forces of social change. In piecing together his fragmented personal history and his search for redemption, Yancey gives testament to the enduring power of our hunger for truth and the possibility of faith rooted in grace instead of fear.

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