Paul Tripp

Paul Tripp

Dr. Paul David Tripp is a pastor, counselor, event speaker, and award­-winning author. With more than 30 books and video series on Christian living, including the best­selling What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage, Paul’s driving passion is to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life. He and his wife Luella have been married for 46 years. They live in Philadelphia and have four grown children.

Do you find your spirit eager to attend Sunday services, but your mind and heart distracted? How can you better prepare to worship God? Tripp offers 52 devotions to help you engage more joyfully and passionately at church. Each includes Scripture, thought-provoking questions, and theologically rich meditations on gratitude, divine grace, our identity in Christ, and more. 288 pages, hardcover from Crossway.

Prepare your heart, mind, and soul to celebrate the incarnation of God's Son! Bringing a renewed sense of Christmas wonder to December days, Tripp shares 31 readings featuring gospel-centered thoughts, meditations, Scripture verses, and tips for parents to help your family focus on what matters most - the birth of Jesus. 144 pages, hardcover from Crossway.

Deepen your Lenten experience as you undertake a journey of humble reflection and honest examination! Inviting you to set aside busyness and embrace quiet, Tripp's 40-day devotional encourages you to let go of worldly things, acknowledge your sins, consider Jesus' suffering and sacrifice, and abide in God's forgiveness and joy as you follow Christ more faithfully.

Every day can be filled with celebrations, confessions, and confusion. So Tripp shares his own personal reflections on life's ups and downs in the form of 121 poems written over many years and various seasons of his faith journey. He poignantly recalls how God's amazing grace was present in the marvelous, mundane, and messy moments. Features full color photography throughout and an uncluttered aesthetic, mirroring the reflective nature of Tripp's poems. 256 pages, softcover from Crossway.

This colorful, beautifully illustrated children's book invites children ages three through eight into Halle Hedgehog's world to learn alongside her how Jesus gives her courage to take a stand against meanness. Parents and children will learn concrete, grace-based ways to deal with the pressures of fitting in. Halle Hedgehog has a group of school friends she sits with at lunch and plays with at recess. One day, the whole group excludes another girl and decides to be mean to her. This bothers Halle, but she doesn't say anything because she doesn't want to be excluded, too. Halle's teacher Mr. Owl talks to her about who she really needs to fit in with, and how she can speak out against bullying because Jesus is with her.

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