John R. W. Stott

John R. W. Stott served as Chaplain to the Queen of England and was named by TIME magazine (1995) as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. His influence was described in The Independent as 'colossal'. This friend of Billy Graham became homeless in central London, to find out what it was like to sleep rough. He lived in two rooms for his last 40 years. He led the way for urban church-planting, and was known as 'Uncle John' by thousands of students around the world. In one university, the students hired a plane to fly low above the campus and drop leaflets to tell everyone he would be speaking that week. In another, the students from the Atheist Society came to his meetings, and the society was disbanded for a student generation!

Scroll down to find four unique angles on his life.

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    John Stott
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  2. The Birds, Our Teachers--Collector's Edition with DVD
  3. The Beatitudes: Developing Spiritual Character
    John Stott, Dale Larsen, Sandy Larsen
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Unique Angles of John Stott Julia Cameron

John Stott and Billy Graham gave peerless leadership to evangelicals around the world. We should not look for successors. Stott was Chief Architect of the Lausanne Covenant, which was to become a watershed in modern church history, and wrote over 50 books. To mark the fifth anniversary of John Stott's death, we offer four unique angles on his life and ministry.

A collection of tributes from those who knew him personally. Includes much previously-unpublished material. Find out more about his friendships and influence; his very modest two-roomed home; his university missions; his over 50 books; his legacy of Langham Partnership. Timeline and biographical overview. Includes the photograph of a snowy owl which took him 25 years to capture. ‘Delightful and perceptive.’
-Julia Cameron

    This is a fun biography to introduce ‘Uncle John’ to children. He was banished from Sunday school for scaring the little girls with his plastic daggers and guns. When he grew up, Uncle John was a Chaplain to the Queen, but was also homeless for a short time. Find out what happened when a student in South Africa spoke to him 'as if he were an ignoramus'. Fact files, and questions to think about. Walking maps of Cambridge and London. Features Sherlock Holmes and Samuel Morse (of Morse code fame). Includes stories which appear nowhere else. Enjoy!
    -Julia Cameron

      A story John Stott himself hoped would one day be told. Frances was his closest colleague for 55 years, and one of his close friends. She was with him when he died, and was Executor of his Will. Read how they met. Frances was a wonderful mixture. She was pastoral and caring, but like a fierce guard-dog of John’s time, sometimes a little imperious, always a lot of fun. Her colourful family story includes attempted regicide and appearances from the London litterati. You can’t understand Stott without knowing Frances’s story. She lives near Marlow in Buckinghamshire.
      -Julia Cameron

        Simeon was John Stott's mentor. While divided by 150 years, Simeon was the early influence on his preaching. When moving to a care home in his final years, Stott took Simeon’s portrait with him. Includes the famous ‘Simeon silhouettes’. This brief book (9,000 words) traces Simeon’s influence through John Stott into Intervarsity (IFES) and the Lausanne Movement. Stott took the wording of Simeon’s memorial plaque for his own headstone in Wales.
        -Julia Cameron