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Jim Cymbala

These days, the phrase "Brooklyn Tabernacle" conjures up pictures of a phenomenally successful church, and a Grammy Award-winning choir. But back when Pastor Jim Cymbala started at the church as a first-time pastor in 1972, the inner-city church was dying--15 to 20 members in a shabby building, barely making ends meet. The reason for the church's turnaround is explained in Cymbala's bestseller Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, and can be summed up in one word--prayer. Today, the Brooklyn Tabernacle stands as a beacon of grace and hope to the New York City community. Jim lives in New York City with his wife Carol, who directs the world-famous Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. They have three grown children: Chrissy, Susan, and James.

For pastors fighting discouragement, frustration, financial pressures, or divisions, best-selling author Cymbala offers hope! Sharing ground-level advice, he examines the pressing need for biblical leadership to revive the church, positing that the model is found in the New Testament and Paul's ministry - not the latest trends. Become the Spirit-led leader God can use to reignite his people! 208 pages, hardcover from Zondervan.