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Jennie Allen is a Bible teacher, author, and the founder of If: Gathering. Her passion is to teach, empower, and disciple a generation of women to become all of who God desires them to be. She received a master’s degree in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, and has written several bestselling books and DVD Studies, including Restless, Chase, Nothing to Prove, and most recently, Get Out of Your Head. Jennie makes her home in Dallas, TX with her husband Zac and their four children.

  1. New from Jennie Allen - Untangle Your Emotions

Feeling stuck, frustrated, and defeated? Allen believes the solution is simple: how we think shapes how we live. We can learn to stop thoughts that leave us prey to toxic patterns like victimhood, anxiety, and distraction. Drawing on biblical teaching and neuroscience, she shows how to fight the enemies of the mind with the truth of God.

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