Cynthia Tobias

Cynthia Ulrich Tobias

For over 25 years, best-selling author and speaker, Cynthia Ulrich Tobias, has been sharing her philosophy on how to succeed in life with a strong-willed child! Her message is meant for people of all ages...the mind of a strong-willed child looks different at every age - young or old.

Cynthia Tobias has a successful background that includes over 25 years of private practice, 8 years of teaching high school, and 6 years in law enforcement. She knows the importance of embracing the unique, useful, and necessary traits of a strong-willed person. Cynthia's insight and expertise has been recognized by parents, teachers, and law enforcement professionals across the nation and around the globe. See more from Cynthia by visiting her website:

In a world where traditional education systems make little or no accommodation for individual learning styles (such as auditory or visual learning), and they’re failing to teach even the basics, it’s time for parents to take charge of their children’s education.

In Reclaiming Education, parents are equipped with practical and immediately useful tools to work in partnership with their children to identify and develop their learning styles and strengths. If you want to help learners build the kind of confidence that inspires lifelong learning, get them involved in the solutions for their own success.

Do you meet the world head on - unafraid, undaunted, and undeterred? Discover how to use your strong will to make a difference! Honoring the vitality of confident Christian women, Tobias challenges you to employ your God-given strengths to enhance your personal relationships, be self-sufficient, find your purpose, lead with integrity, and more.

Cynthia Tobias shares 52 of her popular video blogs! These 90-second discussion starters come with a reproducible workbook available in PDF format.

Great for use in families or groups-or just for individual benefit! Each session includes a workbook page with references for finding more information and thought-provoking quotes that stimulate conversation.

2 DVD set. Includes 1 DVD and 1 DATA CD that contains the reproducible workbook. (PDF Format)

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