Cynthia Heald

Cynthia Heald

Cynthia Heald is a Bible teacher and the author of the popular Becoming a Woman Bible study series. Each of the 11-session studies helps Christian women focus on a characteristic - faith, freedom, strength, love, grace, prayer, excellence, purpose. Her passion is for women to live life to their God-given potential. She speaks frequently for church women's retreats and seminars nationally and internationally. Cynthia and her husband, Jack, serve with The Navigators and live in Tucson, Arizona.


Living as Jesus lived—is that even possible? Jesus was sinless, performed miracles, and atoned for the sins of humanity. He was God’s beloved Son! How could we possibly come anywhere close to being like Him? But Scripture tells us to live as Jesus did, which means God Himself makes this kind of life possible. How then can we allow Him to shape our hearts, motivations, and actions so we increasingly remind people of the One we follow?

Renowned Bible study writer Cynthia Heald explores the everyday journey of becoming like Christ. With the seasoned guidance from a lifelong faith, she shares the challenges and rewards of embodying Christlikeness, as well as her own imperfect, stumbling experiences in learning to become like Jesus. In this insightful, accessible, and thought-provoking book, perfect for quiet time or a 6-week small-group study, you’ll find yourself inspired and encouraged to step into the simple yet powerful ways God molds us into the image of His Son.

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