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Craig Groeschel is the Senior Pastor for, and the bestselling author of The Christian Atheist, Chazown, WEIRD, and Soul Detox. He lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with his wife, Amy, and their six children.

  1. New from Craig Groeschel - Think Ahead

The choices you make determine the quality of your life---so choosing wisely is essential! Packed with thought-provoking exercises, Groeschel's interactive guide helps you understand the science behind your decision-making habits; manage emotions; overcome debilitating fears; and see how even small choices shape the kind of person you'll become. Discover seven life-defining "pre-decisions" you can make today! 

You need, want, and try desperately to change---but you don't! Groeschel's been on that distressing hamster wheel. Now, with a blend of biblical wisdom, practical psychology, exercises, stories, and life-changing insights, he unveils how God's power leads to transformation, why falling isn't failure, how small habits prompt big changes, and how to choose what you want most. 256 pages, hardcover from Zondervan.