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From a hard-rocking life fueled by substance abuse to a hope-filled life of freedom and joy--this is music star Zach Williams's bold and vulnerable story of faith and redemption.

Before two-time GRAMMY Award winner Zach Williams penned heartfelt, faith-filled ballads like "Chain Breaker," "There Was Jesus (featuring Dolly Parton)," and "Fear Is a Liar," there was darkness. A rock-and-roll singer who thought he had all he ever wanted to make him happy, Zach instead felt empty. The drugs, alcohol, and late-night gigs played around the world couldn't satisfy the longing in his heart for a place to belong. He was desperate for change.

It came while on tour in Spain with his band, and in this powerful and poignant memoir, Zach shares in vivid detail his personal Rescue Story. He reflects on his childhood and the prophecy that kept his parents from giving up hope, his descent into the substance abuse that held him captive for so long, and ultimately the rescue he didn't think was possible but embraced with open arms.

A compelling, honest story of God's unconditional love, grace, and redemption, Rescue Story shares the intimate journey of a beloved music artist and challenges you to seek resilient hope in the trials of your own life--because Jesus offers real freedom and joy, despite the mistakes of your past.

If Jesus can change the life of a gangster, what could He do with you?

After reading this book, you will have the practical tools needed for developing a deep, fruitful relationship with God. You will have the encouragement you need to see that Jesus is real and fully present in whatever circumstances you face.

Discover the astonishing journey of Mondo De La Vega in My Crazy Life: The Moments That Brought a Gangster to Grace. Step into a world where respect, power, and money lure a young man into the dark embrace of one of Los Angeles' most notorious Latino gangs. But behind the facade lies a haunting reality of crime, guns, and the constant threat of death or imprisonment.

Mondo's life takes root in a turbulent childhood, filled with abuse and violence. Escaping his reproachful father in Central America, he, along with his sister and mother, seeks refuge in families' homes, moving around from place to place in a small town in Central America, surviving undercover for over a year before their ultimate quest for freedom leads them to the brutal streets of Los Angeles.

Driven by bitterness and anger, Mondo is pulled into one of the city’s most notorious gangs, climbing its ranks and facing an inevitable future of either imprisonment or an early grave. Yet amidst the darkness, Mondo's sister refuses to give up on him. With unyielding faith, she prays for a miracle and receives a prophetic word that seems impossible to Mondo—a word that will change everything.

My Crazy Life is a gripping narrative much like the story of Nicky Cruz, as we see God interrupt Mondo's path with His relentless love and grace. Through supernatural encounters, miraculous escapes, and undeniable fulfilled prophecies, Mondo finds the strength to leave the gang behind and embrace a new life.

Are you tired of being bombarded by toxins at every turn? Do you want a more natural, "crunchy" approach to the world (with or without the beige aesthetic)? Well, grab your kombucha and join Emily Morrow on a journey to a more wholesome existence with Really Very Crunchy: A Beginner's Guide to Removing Toxins from Your Life without Adding Them to Your Personality.

Emily Morrow, creator of the viral "Really Very Crunchy" social media accounts, guides you through the ins and outs of starting and maintaining a crunchy lifestyle. With her signature humor and a delightfully sincere approach, she will show you how crunchy is a spectrum and how every little choice you make is one small step away from crunch-ifying your own life. From the basics of crunchy to the more advanced choices (beets instead of blush, anyone?), you will quickly say goodbye to toxic chemicals and hello to a healthier, happier way of living. 

Beth Moore is a woman who's familiar to many people---but truly known by only a few. In this beautifully crafted portrait of resilience, survival, and God's enduring faithfulness, this best-selling author and popular conference speaker offers a thoughtful, disarmingly funny, and intensely vulnerable glimpse into her life and ministry. 304 pages, hardcover from Tyndale.

"As I was tearing up the road with the accelerator pushed to the floor, familiar landmarks flashing by me, a kind of mad exhilaration possessed me. I had neither the time nor the inclination to reassess things now. I just wanted to reach my destination..."

Kicked out of college and hooked on drink and drugs, Pauline Hamilton drove recklessly towards a cliff near her home to end it all. At the last moment, her tire blew out, leaving her stunned in the stationary car. Pauline's life changed forever. She turned at once to the God who had rescued her and, in grateful amazement, offered her whole life to Him. This dedication would eventually take her to China, where she would serve for over thirty adventure-packed years as a missionary. Through many trials Pauline never lost sight of the God who had promised never to let her go.

The amazing true story about the hairdresser who inspired a city to save a little girl's life, a first-hand account of the miracle that played out in front of millions worldwide.

The obstacles that showed up that wintery morning were nothing compared to the lifetime of mountains Sharon Stevens had to climb to get to that point.

As the truth unfolds, the lives of two little girls intertwine, each marked by unspeakable tragedies, insurmountable challenges, and breathtaking rescues. Both would grow up to touch the world in ways they never planned, could not imagine, and would not wish upon anyone.

In a script seemingly written by heavenly hands, these two girls from two different generations would one day end up rescuing each other--in an almost unbelievable way.

Holy, Holy, Holy, Though the Darkness Hide Thee
The path to growth often leads through suffering yet that is where God, intimately present in pain, is met and known.Though the Darknesstells of one doctor's journey to serve others through missions, only to be brought to the end of herself and there, to meet God anew. In this memoir spanning two years of medicine, culture, and life in Nepal, Rebecca Martin offers an unflinching look into the beauty and challenge of medical ministry. She shares the realities of illness, death, poverty, and loss while serving as a physician in a cross-cultural context, as well as the experience of enduring Nepal's earthquakes in 2015 and their aftermath. This book takes the reader on a spiritual journey rife with suffering, yet one where Christ is encountered more deeply. It is for anyone striving to serve in challenging spaces or coming up against apparent failure. Ultimately she bears witness to a God who, in love, wrestles us to the end of ourselves only to bring us near.