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Beth Moore is a woman who's familiar to many people---but truly known by only a few. In this beautifully crafted portrait of resilience, survival, and God's enduring faithfulness, this best-selling author and popular conference speaker offers a thoughtful, disarmingly funny, and intensely vulnerable glimpse into her life and ministry. 304 pages, hardcover from Tyndale.

"I thought I'd found myself in a world that, in order for me to fit into it, I had to fold myself up and break myself down. But it's a tight squeeze in a box that's only good for hiding."

"We've all dropped anchor in places that suited us for a time: a city, a perspective, a lie we mistook as truth. This book is an invitation to hold what you believe--about yourself and the quiet worlds behind the people you pass--with gracious and open hands. To see this life as greater than any past or future thing, but for all the beauty, hope, and joy it holds right now. To take stock of the story your life has been writing--the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly--glean what's gold, and carry only that forward.

I hope for the both of us, that when fear comes rushing in, we'll be wise enough to question what belies it. And whether it's shame, uncertainty, or a sense of unworth, we'll remember that--as powerful as those emotions are--we are not powerless to them. That they are ours to hold and to own and to wrestle to the ground. Even when they look and act and sound like protection, they are what keep us from living life with our whole hearts.

And I hope for the both of us, that we'll remember discomfort means we're making progress, and that vulnerability, in all its messiness, is the only way we move forward courageously. And maybe more than anything, I hope we'll remember that this is how we tell our story--in search of truth. In plain sight. So that we may live and share our lives in full.

Let it slow our feet and steady our life-in-motion so we can see where we stand from a new point of view. No longer through weary or uncertain eyes, but a lens brimming with hope. A life that when it whispers "untether," we find ourselves brave enough to. These are the stories we live. These are the stories we tell."-- Joanna Gaines

A legendary gospel singer ponders how we can impart wisdom and faith to the next generation! Sharing stories and lessons from her life and career, Winans explores growing up in a musical family, the miracle of motherhood, starting a church with her husband, planting faith through Scripture, pushing through obstacles, and more. 240 pages, hardcover from K-LOVE.

In the bluegrass fields of Kentucky, Anne Wilson and her siblings, Jacob and Elizabeth, grew up in the security and love of their family--and Jesus. But when Jacob died in a car accident, Anne was thrust into a painful journey of grief and soul-wrestling that led to God calling her to create songs that glorified Him. My Jesus weaves together Anne's personal story with an encouraging message to anyone longing for God to wipe away their tears. Discover the beauty that can emerge from suffering as you read Anne's story of growing closer to the God who always makes a way.

Millions have been edified by the sermons and teachings of Timothy Keller—making him one of the 21st century's most influential leaders. But what sparked his remarkable ministry? In this insightful authorized biography, Hansen draws from Keller's personal notes and exclusive family interviews, revealing the people, books, philosophy, and—ultimately—the God who shaped his life.

Spurgeon pastored 5,000 people at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, in what now might be considered a megachurch. Instead of adopting worldly mechanisms for growth, he based his ministry vision on a biblical and theological foundation. From the pen of the director of the Spurgeon Library at Midwestern Seminary. 240 pages, softcover. B&H.

From award-winning actress and New York Times bestselling author Kristin Chenoweth comes an irreverent yet inspiring, timely tome with the fixins, from colorful cogitations to philosophical-ish musings. Stroll alongside Kristin as she shares her most vulnerable and humorous stories in her never-ending pursuit to find the rainbows in every day. Before you know it, you'll be grinning faster than you can spell Oklahoma!

Have you ever felt adrift and alone after losing a job, a dream, a loved one, or your sense of purpose in life? In The God Who Stays, Matthew West uses stories and Scripture to encourage you that wherever you are and whatever you're going through, God is right by your side-and nothing can separate you from His love and grace.

Through the dramatic events of 2020 and the ensuing uncertainty and anxiety ever since, people's lives and illusions of security have been turned upside down. Whenever our plans, hopes, and dreams are put on hold-or worse, lost forever-we feel discouraged, lost, and isolated, and desperately praying, "God, where are You?"

Matthew West's book, The God Who Stays, is an engaging and thoughtful exploration, balanced with his trademark wit and humor, that helps us reconnect to the biblical truth of Immanuel-"God with us"-a personal Savior who never leaves our side and who always answers when we cry out for help.

The God Who Stays contains:

  • An exploration of the character of the God who faithfully travels with us through every season of our life
  • Encouragement in a time of isolation and anxiety that many have been experiencing
  • Personal stories, experiences, and discoveries from Matthew's own faith journey

In his most personal book yet, join Matthew on a spiritual journey of rediscovery and revival inspired by the words of his hit song "The God Who Stays." Renew your faith and find rest and healing through biblical truth.

Some people start out with two strikes against them. Tori grew up in the foster care system as a biracial child, whose mother was mentally ill. She lived in 12 foster homes. Discover how she overcame the odds after an encounter with Christ and now, as Mrs. Universe 2021, advocates for foster care reform and adoption. 176 pages, softcover from B&H.