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Genuine & Premium Leather

Genuine leather covers are made from first-quality animal hides. Premium Leather covers are crafted from the highest quality leathers and feature top-quality materials and construction. Premium leather Bibles feature these leathers:

  • Top-Grain Leather is cut from the top or outside of the hide and consists of Pigskin or cowhide. Its grain is thicker and coarser than Cowhide.
  • Cowhide is cut from either cattle or water buffalo. It has a finer and suppler grain, which is more durable than Top-Grain leather.
  • Goatskin is a beautiful and very resilient top-quality, natural grain leather. Traditionally known as ‘Morocco’ leather, it is strong yet supple and is used in the finest bindings.

  • Morocco is high quality leather made of imported goatskin, usually worked by hand. It is considered to be one of the finest binding leathers—very supple and durable.

  • Calfskin leather is a traditional high-quality leather used in fine Bible bindings. It is long-lasting, and its suppleness increases with use.

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Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather is made from real leather. However, as the name suggests, the cover is made from leather pieces that are bonded together with adhesives, plastics (often polyurethane) or other bonding materials. Once bonded, the leather may be dyed, cut and embossed to look like genuine leather. The look and feel is as genuine leather. Because it is not made from a single sheet of leather, bonded leather can be less expensive, and less durable than genuine leather.
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Imitation Leather

Simulated Leather, Imitation Leather, Leather-look, LeatherLike and Leatherflex Bibles may have a leather appearance and may be constructed from a variety of materials. Traditionally these covers are slightly more durable than a paperback but not as durable as bonded leather. However recent developments in imitation leather construction have greatly improved these covers to a standard that rivals bonded leather, and even genuine leather for durability and feel. These man-made materials allow a range of style and color not possible with leather materials. Some of these better quality imitation leathers go by such names as Tru-Tone, TuTone, Duo-Tone, etc.
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Softcover and Hard cover

Paperbacks (also known as softcover) are the least durable covers, and as such they are often the least expensive and are ideal for mass distribution for outreach and evangelism as a transitional Bible to new believers.
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Hardcovers are more durable than paper bound books, and they are often referred to as hardbacks.They are slightly more durable than paperback bindings. They are more economical than leather bindings.
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Other Covers
  • Leather over board Hardcover covered with genuine or bonded leather

  • Waterproof A recent development, the cover and pages are made with material that is tear-and water-resistant.They're great for camping, boating and other outdoor activities (including baptisms!).
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  • Metal For the young & young at heart
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  • Loose-Leaf Great for study & sermon preparation! Available with or without its five-ring binder, it allows you to add pages of personal notes.
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