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Bibles come in a variety of sizes & formats. Many are targeted for specific people & special occasions. Some have additional material for devotion or study. Here is a list of different types of Bibles, with a brief description and a link to more of the same type of Bible.

Audio Bibles
Listen to the Bible on Cassette, CD, DVD, or MP3 format

Bible Software
Read and study the Bible on your PC, Mac, PDA, & Smartphone.

Children's Bibles
Bibles for the little ones

Church, Ministry, & Pastoral Interest
Bibles for Pastors, the pulpit, the pew, Gift & Award Bibles, Bibles for outreach & evangelism

Compact & Pocket
Smaller, take-along Bibles for pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack, etc.

Devotional Bibles
Also known as Specialty Bibles, they contain additional devotional material for specific issues, occasions, or people—often written by a popular author

Specialty Bibles
Offer a wide array of unique features: Parallel Bibles put two or more translations side-by-side for comparison. Additionally, you’ll find Bibles for specific groups of people like military personnel, or for special occasions such as weddings, as well as New Testaments.

DVD Bibles
Audio Bible on DVD, usually displays text as it's read

Economical/Outreach Bibles
Inexpensive Bibles, good for outreach, evangelism and mass giveaways

Family Bibles
Traditional family heirlooms, as well as Bibles with devotional readings designed to strengthen marriages and the families

Large & Giant Print
These feature larger-than-normal text, making it easier to read. They're available for all types of Bibles, such as Study, Reference, Devotional, etc., all with larger text. You’ll even find compact-sized Bibles with larger-than-usual text.

New Testaments
No Old Testament, but may contain Psalms & Proverbs

Non-English Bibles
Spanish and other languages, also bilingual Bibles; ideal for ESL

One Year/Daily Reading Bibles
Read through the Bible daily, in a year (or more—or less).May include devotional material

Parallels & Interlinears
Parallel Bibles contain two or more translations—usually side-by-side; Interliner Bibles contain the original Bible language along with with an English translation

Reference Bibles
Contains cross-references that relate verses with similar topics, or words

Slightly Imperfect Bibles
Major discounts on Bibles with minor issues

Study Bibles
Contain additional information to help you better understand the Bible

Specialty Bibles
Also known as Devotional Bibles, for special occasions, or targeted to specific people like moms, dads, police officers, military personnel, etc.

Teen & Student Bibles
Bibles for High School & College youthThinline & Ultrathin
Skinny Bibles for narrow places

Topical Bibles
Contain a topical index to Scripture verses

Wide Margin
Pages have wider margins for personal notes

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