1. Signs and Secrets of the Messiah, Rabbi Jason Sobel
  1. The Third Day: Living the Resurrection - Leader Guide
    Tom Berlin
    Abingdon Press / 2023 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$11.99 Retail Price$15.99 Save 25% ($4.00)
  2. Seven Words: Listening to Christ from the Cross Leader Guide
    Susan Robb
    Abingdon Press / 2020 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$10.99 Retail Price$14.99 Save 27% ($4.00)
  3. Luke: Jesus and the Outsiders, Outcasts, and Outlaws Leader Guide
    Adam Hamilton
    Abingdon Press / 2022 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$11.99 Retail Price$15.99 Save 25% ($4.00)
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    Stock No: WW808067
  4. Jesus' Passion Week: A Bible Study on Our Savior's Last Days and Ultimate Sacrifice
    The Navigators
    NavPress / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$6.99 Retail Price$11.99 Save 42% ($5.00)
    Availability: In Stock
    Stock No: WW588218
  1. Genesis-Storyteller Bible Study  Book: The Beginning
    Lifeway / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$19.99
  2. The Daily 5-Minute Bible Study for  Men: 365 Focused, Inspiring Readings
    Compiled by Barbour Staff, David Sanford (Deceased), Quentin Guy, Ed Cyzwski & Jess MacCallum
    Barbour Books / 2024 / Hardcover
    Our Price$14.99 Retail Price$19.99 Save 25% ($5.00)
  3. Untangle Your Emotions Conversation  Card Deck: Discover How  God Made You to Feel
    Jennie Allen
    HarperChristian Resources / 2024 / Other
    Our Price$14.49 Retail Price$19.99 Save 28% ($5.50)
  4. Ashamed - Teen Girls' Bible Study  Book: Fighting Shame with the Word of God
    Scarlet Hiltibidal
    Lifeway Press / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$19.99
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Bible Studies by Author

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    Slightly Imperfect

    1. Why in the World Participant's Guide - Slightly Imperfect
      Andy Stanley
      HarperChristian Resources / 2015 / Trade Paperback
      Our Price$0.99 Retail Price$10.99 Save 91% ($10.00)
    2. Asking God to Grow My Character: The Journey Continues, Participant's Guide 6: A Recovery Program Based on Eight Principles from the Beatitudes - Slightly Imperfect
      HarperChristian Resources / 2021 / Trade Paperback
      Our Price$2.62 Retail Price$7.99 Save 67% ($5.37)
    3. Pray First Study Guide plus Streaming Video: The Transformative Power of a Life Built on Prayer - Slightly Imperfect
      Chris Hodges
      HarperChristian Resources / 2023 / Trade Paperback
      Our Price$11.99 Retail Price$21.99 Save 45% ($10.00)
    4. Set Apart: A 6 Week Study of the Beatitudes (updated)   - Slightly Imperfect
      Jennifer Kennedy Dean
      New Hope Publishers / 2015 / Trade Paperback
      Our Price$8.24 Retail Price$14.99 Save 45% ($6.75)

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