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  1. Love is an Orientation

Love Is an Orientation, is a six-session video-based study that elevates the conversation between Christianity and the gay community by moving the focus from genetics to gospel, where it really belongs. Why are so many people who are gay wary of people who are Christians? Do GLBT people need to change who they are? Do Christians need to change what they believe? Love Is an Orientation asks the tough questions and attempts to answer them honestly from a Christian perspective.

Each session offers a downloadable PDF and a downloadable MP4 video that can be purchased separately. You can also buy all the video sessions together, or a complete kit which includes all the video sessions plus group use PDF participant's guides. The group use PDF covers each of the video sessions and can be reproduced for all the members of your group.

  • Companion Products (15)
Companion Products (15)
  1. Session 1: Love Is an Orientation
  2. Session 2: Key Commitments to Building a Bridge with Gays and Lesbians
  3. Session 3: Theology of Bridge Builders
  4. Session 4: Answering Tough Questions about Sexual Identity
  5. Session 5: Teens and Sexuality
  6. Session 6: Living in the Tension
  7. All 6 PDFs
  8. All 6 Videos
  9. All 6 Videos & PDFs

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