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What does it mean to be a Christian? No matter who you ask, you’re likely to receive a different answer every time. But the Bible doesn't give a definition either. Jesus' followers did not refer to themselves as Christians, they understood themselves as disciples, and the Bible is quite clear about what that looks like. In this dynamic, video-based small group Bible study take a journey with Andy Stanley and discover just what discipleship is and how to cultivate it in your own life.

Each session offers a downloadable PDF and a downloadable MP4 video that can be purchased separately. You can also buy all the video sessions together, or a complete kit which includes all the video sessions plus group use PDF participant's guides. The group use PDF covers each of the video sessions and can be reproduced for all the members of your group.

  • Companion Products (19)
Companion Products (19)
  1. Session 1: Brand Recognition
  2. Session 2: Quitters
  3. Session 3: Insiders
  4. Session 4: Showing Up
  5. Session 5: When Gracie Met Truthy
  6. Session 6: Angry Birds
  7. Session 7: Loopholes
  8. Session 8: Working It Out
  9. Discussion Guide PDF
  10. Video Bundle
  11. PDF & Videos

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