1. Basics of Biblical Aramaic

Basics of Biblical Aramaic Video Lectures provides 22 easy-to-follow lessons introducing the most neglected biblical language. Integrated for use with one of today's bestselling Aramaic textbooks, it is an ideal resource for formal Aramaic language students wanting additional help in their learning; for instructors wanting to devote classroom time to drills and exercises, giving them a lecture tool their students can watch on their own time; and for armchair students of biblical Aramaic with an interest in learning on their own.

Designed for students who already have a working knowledge of Hebrew, each lecture is approximately half an hour and is taught by experienced teacher Miles V. Van Pelt using a logical and simple method of learning biblical Aramaic. Focused on the structural pattern of biblical Aramaic over rote memorization, Van Pelt's lectures will give students in formal language classes and self-learners alike the basic understanding they need to begin studying the 269 Aramaic verses in the Old Testament and Aramaic in other ancient texts.

There are 22 different videos, each with a different lesson, that can be purchased individually or as a bundle. The video lectures are designed for use alongside the textbook (sold separately).

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Companion Products (23)
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