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the story

From the lead singer of the chart-topping Christian band MercyMe comes a compelling memoir of love, loss, and family! You'll be moved by the story behind the hit song as Millard reflects on the loss of his father to cancer and shares his own testimony of growing up in a once-abusive family transformed by Jesus.

Also available in audiobook and ebook formats.

for children

Inspired by the chart-topping song by MercyMe! In this sweetly illustrated book, a child wonders "What is heaven like?" "What does God do?" And "What would it be like to spend a day with Jesus?" Kids will learn that although heaven may seem far away, we can enjoy friendship with Jesus now. Recommended for ages 4-8.

Coming soon, board book edition for ages 0-4.

Church & Group Materials

    The local church has been charged with the mission of sharing the hope of the gospel, but this mission can be challenging in a relentlessly broken world. How can you restore hope when someone feels rejected, guilty, or broken?

    Before he became the lead singer of MercyMe, Bart Millard suffered a painful childhood. Abused by his father, Bart built walls around his heart. He couldn't see hope. Using Bart Millard's story of pain redeemed, brokenness restored, and God glorified, you can guide your church to recall their past wounds, reorient their present identity, and reimagine their future.

    Help your community finally see themselves through God's eyes and find healing in his approval, purpose, and eternal hope.

    I Can Only Imagine Wall Art

      the songs

      The cream of the crop from the chart-topping, award-winning band MercyMe---including 13 of their #1 hits! This must-have collection includes "Spoken For"; "Word of God Speak"; "You Reign"; "God with Us"; "Here with Me"; "Move"; "Hold Fast"; "Homesick"; "Bring the Rain"; "Greater"; "Flawless"; "Shake"; "So Long, Self"; and two versions of the popular title track.

      2019 Dove Winner- Songwriter of the Year- Bart Millard

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