Pottery Books

Create original and classic pottery pieces on your kitchen table. These books provide beginners with the basic instructions needed to get started and takes readers through every phase of the craft.

Complete Pottery Techniques

The Potter: Reflections of a Master Artisan, DVD

    Graphic Clay: Ceramic Printing and Image Transfer Techniques

      Sculpture Technique: Model

      Sculpture Technique: Model from Artistic Pursuits offers upper-elementary to high school students the opportunity to discover their skill in sculpting! Building on the concepts taught in Sculpture Technique, CONSTRUCT (not-included and sold-separately), students will learn about the processes and concepts of modeling with putty, pottery, and fiber arts. More than a simple craft book, the assignments focus on the processes of working with specific materials while introducing the elements of sculpture in ways students can put into practice immediately. Students create original sculptures while selecting subject matter that is interesting and relevant to their own lives.

      Unit Evaluation: Students complete an evaluation page to reflect on the element of sculpture, technical issues, and the subject of fine art as it relates to their completed projects within the unit. Answers are provided at the back of the book. This evaluation together with the completed sculptures provides a letter grade for each unit.

      Ages 11-18. Covers one year of instruction. 83 pages, comb-binding, paper cover with plastic protector cover. Non-consumable.

      Pottery Wheel And Splash Art studio

        Modeling & Air Dry Clay