How To Build A Affiliate Link

The Affiliate Program

Just like building websites, you need to have a general understanding of HTML in order to build your affiliate links. If you do not, we STRONGLY suggest learning the coding language before attempting to build your links. There are more options and variety of links you can build however we suggest starting with a standard link and once you become more familiar with the process, expanding to the other options.

Sign in to the Affiliate Lobby

1. Sign in to the Affiliate Lobby.

Your username and password would have been created when you submitted an application. You should also have received a confirmation email with your username and password if your application was accepted.

Link Builder

2. Link Builder.

In the Affiliate Lobby, click on Link Builder.

Choose type of link

3. Choose type of link.

There are many different kinds of links you can build using the Link Builder Tool. You can build anything from a simple text link to an entire detail page that includes product image, description, author, etc. For the purposes of this example we are going to build a "Standard Link."


4. Options.

For each link type, you will be provided with a number of options. Make sure that you read each option carefully and click "Generate."

HTML Formatted Code

5. HTML Formatted Code.

You will then be provided with the HTML code. Notice that your affiliate tracking code has already been embedded in the HTML.

Copy and Paste HTML

6. Copy and Paste HTML.

Select and copy the HTML code and plug this into your web page source code.

7. All Web-building software is different.

Sometimes, especially if you are using webpage building software such as Wordpress, you do not need the entire HTML, only a piece of it (for example the URL with your tracking code.) It is important that you are familiar with whatever program is building your website before attempting to use the HTML we provide for your affiliate links.