How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

The Affiliate Program

Customer visits your site

1. Customer visits your site.

The key to affiliate marketing is maintaining a rich and unique website that you can refer traffic from. Affiliate links are then created and embedded into your website.

Customer clicks on an affiliate link

2. Customer clicks on an affiliate link that you created which brings them to

Customers, looking for great resources, will click on your affiliate links directing them to the website. This activity initiates a "session" that our systems will continue to track as your customer shops on

Customer is now on

3. Customer is now on

While visiting, any resulting activity (adding a product to their customer shopping cart) is continued to be tracked and "credited" to your affiliate account.

We track which affiliate sent this customer

4. We track which affiliate sent this customer from the tracking-ID embedded in the affiliate link URL.

Our systems are able to monitor this activity because your affiliate links are embedded with a unique tracking code.

5. Fees are earned for merchandise purchased during the affiliate session.

Any merchandise added to the customer's shopping cart during this session is credited to the affiliate. When the customer submits the order, the affiliate is then paid a fee for the merchandise credited. Referral fees are calculated each month and we send you a check!