What Should I Link To?

By The Affiliate Team

CBD features over 600,000 unique resources. Needless to say, not everything that we carry is relevant to your own site or content.

It should go without saying that you, as the affiliate, need to be very active in researching new products that hit the market so you can feature them on your own website. Context is also key. If your website or blogpost is about the advantages or new features of the NLT Life Application Study Bible, it’s of no value to your visitors if you display the latest NIV John MacArthur Study Bible on that page (that makes sense right?) Making sure that the products featured on your pages are inline and truly related to the content on that page is critical to the success of your links.

The same rule applies whether you are linking to a specific product or a general category-store. If the page you want to feature affiliate links is discussing the best practices of reading the Bible for study, you should feature a link to the Christianbook Bible store or even better, the Christianbook Bible Reference store. Linking to the Christianbook Fiction store or Toy store is out of context and will most likely lead to poor affiliate activity.