Unique Affiliate Link Text

By The Affiliate Team

When creating your affiliate links, you will see that we provide you with the HTML that you can easily copy and paste into your web source code. This is fine if you are just starting out, but before long you should experiment with changing the HTML to customize it for your own audience. Many of our links are created with standard text (such as the title of the book or store) however, you should think about ways to changing that text to appeal to your readership. For example, a link that says:

“Click here to view thousands of Bibles at affordable prices!”

Typically performs better than a link that says:

“Bible Store”

Modifying the HTML to fit your own marketing needs is critical to your success as an affiliate. Also, adaptability and monitoring which links perform best can go a long way to more affiliate traffic and more affiliate sales. Track which links work the best and feature more like them on your pages. Combine different kinds of links (product + store) to maximize your viewers interests. PLEASE REMEMBER, no matter what you change or modify, test your links constantly to verify that they are working correctly