Okay, I'm An Affiliate...Now What Do I Do?

By The Affiliate Team

So you just filled out an application, you have just reviewed the tools available in the Affiliate Lobby, and you created your first link... but you don't know what to do with it?

One of the difficult challenges is figuring out where to put your links. Some affiliates create a button or text link that says "STORE" and link that to the Christianbook.com homepage. This is a great start and you should waste no time creating a generic link to get started but any senior affiliate will tell you that if you want to generate click-throughs, you have to do a little more. How many of you are taking the time to actually promote the link? Do your visitors know that by shopping via your affiliate link earns your organization money? It is okay to promote the fact that you are an affiliate of Christianbook.com, in fact we are proud of our affiliate community and hope you are proud of us too!

If you are a church, and you are doing a certain bible study, make sure that you paste a link to the book your constituency will need in order to participate. Include text below your link that explains your church will earn a percentage of the sale when they purchase anything through your link. If you see a great deal and want to tell your viewership about it, place your link in an email and send it your list. Be creative!