Affiliate Link Audit

By The Affiliate Team

Affiliate marketing is not a “set it and forget it” (Ronco) method of earning revenue for your website, church, or ministry. If you are not actively monitoring your links, editing them, analyzing which ones succeed versus which ones do not, you are not setting yourself up for success.

That also means you are not “cleaning house.” What do we mean by that? Simple, products that you link to are not going to be around forever. They go out of stock or are discontinued. When was the last time you checked your links to make sure that they are still active/link to a valid product? No one can keep track of all of the affiliate links you create except you. If this sounds overwhelming then simply don’t over extend yourself. Create a finite number of links that you are comfortable maintaining/keeping track of. For some it may be only 10 or 15, for other users, maybe hundreds. The goal is to keep the workload within your personal capacity.