Christianbook Affiliate FAQ

Sign Up Questions


No. There are no costs associated with being an Affiliate of Christianbook.

You must maintain an active, reviewable, well designed, English/Spanish-language website with at least one linking page, which does not contain links to or content with objectionable material. We cannot accept applications for linking from social media platforms. We will reject applications made for sites which contain pornography, explicit language, or which promote illegal activities, violence, hate, discrimination or anti-Christian causes.

The minimum age for Affiliates is 18 years old.

Yes! We serve customers worldwide, and would be happy to have you apply to be an Affiliate as long as your site is primarily in English and/or Spanish. All sales are in U.S. dollars, so fee checks are also paid in U.S. dollars on a monthly basis. If you are an international account, you MUST include the country information for your check to be mailed properly. In all cases, the Affiliate is responsible for keeping the mailing information up to date.

Yes. Because Christianbook is located in Massachusetts, there is a tax differential. If you are a non-profit organization in Massachusetts, be sure that you have your tax exempt number on file with us and the purchase is made using the church information, otherwise, you will be charged 5% sales tax.

No. We require a URL (for example on all applications. The web site must be an active one, not simply a place-holder on a server; we need to be able to access an active web site to review it for objectionable content at the time of the application. If you apply with an inactive web site or one that we cannot access, your application will be rejected. Also, we cannot accept applications for linking from social media platforms.

Affiliates can bid on certain words with Google, however they should advertise their site, not ours. For instance, it should not say "" in the description or have a link that goes directly to our site. It should be noted that we will not reimburse or pay for any bids placed on Google. Also, affiliates are not allowed to bid on our name or variations of it (, etc.)

No. The Affiliate shall not develop, maintain or operate the Affiliate website in any manner as to copy or resemble the appearance of the website or as to create the impression that the Affiliate website is part of the website or that the Affiliate website is owned, operated or maintained by or Christianbook.

Yes, within the limits set forth in the Affiliate Agreement.

The Affiliate shall not "spider" or "crawl" the website or use any other program, device, script or tool to monitor or explore the website in order to retrieve information or content contained on the website. Christianbook shall have the right to “spider” or “crawl” the Affiliate website or use any other program, device, script or tool to monitor or explore the Affiliate website in order to ensure the quality and reliability of the links and the Affiliate’s compliance with the terms of the Agreement. The Affiliate shall take no action to block, impede, or interfere with such monitoring and exploring of the Affiliate website by Christianbook.

The Affiliate is solely responsible for the ownership, development, operation, and maintenance of the Affiliate website and all software and hardware used in connection therewith.

The following will disqualify your application:

  • Sites which contain objectionable material, content, links, graphics, or text.
  • Sites which contain pornography, explicit language, or which promote illegal activities, violence, hate, discrimination or anti-Christian causes.
  • Content or services that are unrelated or fail to compliment the products on our site (such as "money-making programs" or "link farms.")

Our Relationship


You're responsible for the links and content about our products that you add to your site. Since we're continually updating our site, we recommend that you check all your links to about once a month to make sure that they're all current and in good working order. Christianbook is not responsible for lost affiliate fees due to an improperly installed affiliate link(s).

We'll provide you with the tools and encouragement you need to add e-commerce to your web site. We process, fill and ship your visitors' orders, and take care of customer service. We track the orders referred by your site and pay you a fee for your referrals. When your visitors click through links on your site and become our customers, we reserve the right to market to them. We will not report back to you about the specifics of these customers and their orders.

We're proud of our relationship with each of our Affiliates, and encourage them to download our logo and build links to our site. When you become an Affiliate, you'll want to mention that your site is "an Affiliate of Christianbook." For legal reasons we ask that you do not say that you "work for Christianbook" or are "part of Christianbook." This could lead to confusion over issues like sales tax collection, so for a variety of legal reasons, it's important that the Affiliate relationship be accurately described on your site.

While we wish you the best in your online endeavors, we are unable to promote our Affiliates' sites. We will, however, provide you with all the tools and graphics you need and provide online marketing suggestions to help make your site a success. If you'd like to increase visitors to your site, we recommend submitting your site to various search engines. Also, read the monthly Affiliate Newsletters for product ideas.

Christianbook reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify and amend the Affiliate Agreement in any manner at any time by posting a change notice or new agreement on, or by emailing the Affiliate with a change notice or new agreement at the email address provided by the Affiliate as part of the application process. Your continued participation in the Christianbook Affiliate Program constitutes your acceptance of any modified agreement.

Christianbook and the Affiliate are free to terminate the relationship at any time for any reason. If you decide that you no longer want to be an Affiliate, just notify us via email.

Yes. We do not require that you have an exclusive relationship with us.

Yes, we occasionally send communications to our affiliates notifying them of upcoming promotions and changes to procedures or administration in the affiliate program. By becoming an affiliate, you consent to receive electronic communications from Christianbook either in the form of email sent to your email address, the monthly Affiliate Newsletter or by communications posted on the Christianbook website. You also acknowledge and agree that any electronic communication in the form of such email or posting on the Christianbook website shall satisfy any legal requirement that such communication be in writing.

Receiving your Fees & Payments


When a customer clicks to via a link that you have created using our Affiliate Link Builder, the browsing session is activated. Each time that the customer clicks on the web site the session is reactivated. Christianbook will track merchandise purchases that a customer makes during the browsing session so that we can credit your account appropriately.

The browsing session will remain active for four (4) hours after the last link is clicked on the website. If the customer leaves the website and returns within this four (4) hour period their browsing session will be reset and the customer will still be deemed a referral of Affiliate unless they returned through the links of another Affiliate, co- branded site or other source tracked by Christianbook.

All items placed into the customer’s shopping cart during an active affiliate browsing session will be credited to Affiliate if items are purchased before the expiration of thirty (30) days from the date an item was placed in the shopping cart.

However, if they leave the site for more than 4 hours, do not click on the site to reactivate the clock, do not order books placed within an active browsing session within their book bag and order within the 30 day limit or leave the site and place the order from another computer, then any order placed will not be credited to your account.

Any order placed under these circumstances will not be credited to the affiliate account. Christianbook is not responsible for any fees lost.

Affiliate fee credit is based on the Net Sales Price which is the gross revenue less sales taxes, duties, other taxes, shipping fees, handling fees, service charges, returns, and other charges incurred by the Customer.

No fee will be credited to the Affiliate for the purchase of gift certificates, imprinting, membership fees or other non-merchandise sales.

No fee will be credited to sales made using a Christianbook promotional coupon or special offer code.

No. Due to constantly changing inventory, fluctuating prices and the nature of our order processing procedures, it's more efficient and avoids confusion if we process and fill orders directly on our site.

Fee payment is based on a percentage of net merchandise sales per month as indicated below:

All Physical Products...........8%
Digital Downloads and Media Access..................5%

Affiliates can choose to be paid by check or Christianbook gift certificate. Payments are made each month, providing the Affiliate has earned at least $25.00 in fees.

All products are eligible for earning fees but sales credit is not accrued to the affiliate account until the merchandise has shipped. Product returns will be debited from your account. Fees are not paid on shipping, taxes, memberships, imprinting and gift certificates.

Yes. Fees of $25 or more: Affiliate fee checks are paid on a monthly basis for all accounts with monthly fees of $25 or more. Fees of less than $25: For affiliates with monthly fees of less than $25, the fee payment will be carried forward to the next month’s pay period until such time as fees are $25 or more.

Affiliate checks are good for 60 days after the date of issue. After that time period, Christianbook is under no obligation to re-issue the expired check. If a check is lost, then any un-cashed check may be re-issued at the discretion of the Affiliate Program Manager.

If an affiliate has NOT earned at least $25 in affiliate fees during the preceding 12 months then this account will be considered an inactive affiliate account and will be closed. A check for any remaining fees earned at that point will be forwarded to the affiliate.

Sure. You can log into the Affiliate Lobby anytime to track your earnings by going to the Activity Report. Please note that sales are not credited to your account until 24-48 hours after the product has been shipped from our warehouse.

Yes. You can shop for yourself and purchase gifts for your family and friends at our low discount prices and earn a fee!

If a customer that you referred to us returns merchandise, we'll deduct this sale from your affiliate reports and you will not earn a fee on that sale. If you do not earn a fee during the next month, we will carry over that fee debit until it is paid.

Yes, is required to send a 1099 for any affiliate who is classified as a sole proprietor and has earned $600 or more in fees during any taxable year.

At this time we do not support PayPal as an affiliate fees payment option.

Linking to


Computer knowledge is required to create links to Link your site to us with our easy-to-use Affiliate Link Builder. You can link to our homepage, specialty pages, individual product detail pages or search results. You can even provide your visitors with access to our search engine on your site. We supply you with an assortment of graphics that you can use on your site. We give you all the building blocks you need. Here is a quick tutorial to build a standard affiliate link.

There are two approaches that you can take:

  1. If you have several small sites, you can sign them up on one affiliate account to ensure that you meet the annual quota of merchandise revenue. This needs to be approved by the Affiliate Coordinator. Please email the Affiliate Team with all the URLs you are intending to sign up.

  2. If you wish to monitor the affiliate sales on each of your sites, then you must sign them up separately. This is done via separate applications.

The second approach is the one most often recommended to affiliates. Remember that all affiliate links for all sites must be created in the Link Builder.

That's entirely up to you. You can enhance your site by featuring products related to the theme of your web site, items that are your personal favorites, or create a whole store. With over 300,000 products at steep discounts as well as a wide array of eBooks and other digital download products, there are plenty of options to choose from! You can also feature our product graphics, author bio and product reviews on your site. Show off your Internet expertise by adding an e-commerce store on your site. If your visitors appreciate your product recommendations, they'll return to see what's new on your site. You will build up customer loyalty AND fees!

We strongly discourage this, because of the possible confusion that listing our prices on your site could cause. The prices on our site constantly fluctuate as books go out of print, go on sale, or go up in price. Because of our frequent price changes, your visitors could become confused if they see one price on your site and another on ours. So it makes sense to avoid listing our prices.

Yes, so long as you're using it in conjunction with our Affiliate Program Terms of Agreement. We encourage you to download and feature our logo on your site, but ask that you do not modify it, since we would like our name represented consistently on the Internet. If you're featuring a particular product, it's a good idea to include the author, publisher, description and image. We also would remind you that all content on our site is copyrighted and remains the property of Christianbook.

Sure. Access to our search engine is a great way to increase Affiliate referrals (and fees!), since your visitors will be able to find just what they're looking for at

Your tracking code (p-code) is automatically embedded in all the links you create using the link builder tool in the Affiliate Lobby. However, you can find your tracking code in the affiliate lobby next to your account name here.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it is the standard markup language used to create Web pages. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with HTML if you are thinking about becoming an Affiliate of Affiliate links are provided as HTML and a healthy understanding of the basics is crucial to make affiliate links work for your website.

Affiliate links are provided in HTML format, however it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with a variety of website building languages. The more knowledge you have about building websites, the easier it will be for you to use affiliate links.

Products & Marketing


No. We do not accept any unsolicited product queries, proposals, or manuscripts.

  • Include images of products and make your links easy to find on your site.
  • Include descriptions and recommendations to encourage folks to purchase the products you're featuring.
  • Feature products that relate to your visitors' interests. You'll want to recommend merchandise that pertains to themes you cover on your site.
  • Visit on a regular basis to see what's new, what's hot, and what's on special.
  • You may want to select products related to the season or holidays as well.
  • Tell your friends and family that you're an affiliate of Christianbook, and encourage them to shop at using links from your site.
  • Submit your site to various search engines.

To contact the Affiliate Team please email us at:

Or write us at:

Christianbook, LLC
Attn: Affiliate Manager
PO Box 7000
Peabody, MA 01960