Practical Theology

Recent Evangelism Titles

  1. Yearning for the Vast and Endless Sea: The Good News about the Good News
    Chris Russell
    Canterbury Press Norwich / 2023 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$24.75 Retail Price$27.50 Save 10% ($2.75)
  2. Being Christian After Christendom: Where Are We? How Did We Get Here? What Went Wrong? What Is the Solution?
    David Rietveld & Stuart Piggin
    Wipf & Stock / 2023 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$33.30 Retail Price$37.00 Save 10% ($3.70)
  3. Being Christian After Christendom: Where Are We? How Did We Get Here? What Went Wrong? What Is the Solution?
    David Rietveld & Stuart Piggin
    Wipf & Stock / 2023 / Hardcover
    Our Price$46.80 Retail Price$52.00 Save 10% ($5.20)
  4. Evangelism: Learning from the Past
    Michael Green
    Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. / 2023 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$16.99 Retail Price$22.99 Save 26% ($6.00)

Bestselling Preaching Titles

  1. Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages, Third Edition
  2. Reformed Preaching
    Joel Beeke
    Crossway / 2018 / Hardcover
    Our Price$8.99 Retail Price$40.00 Save 78% ($31.01)
    5.0 out of 5 stars for Reformed Preaching. View reviews of this product. 1 Reviews
  3. Homiletics and Hermeneutics: Four Views on Preaching Today
    Bryan Chapell, Abraham Kuruvilla, Kenneth Langley, Paul Scott Wilson
    Baker Academic / 2018 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$20.49 Retail Price$24.00 Save 15% ($3.51)
  4. Between Two Worlds
    John Stott
    Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. / 2017 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$22.99 Retail Price$30.99 Save 26% ($8.00)

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are more than just water, bread, and wine. They are God’s promises to us in physical form.

What is happening when someone passes through the waters of baptism? What’s the significance of eating bread and drinking wine together as a church on Sunday mornings? What’s the point of these physical substances?

Tim Chester guides us through the Bible, explaining how the sacraments, embodying the promises of God in physical form, were given to us to strengthen our faith and shape our lives. The physical bread, wine, and water are a confirmation of our union with Christ. Chester aims to help us treasure baptism and Communion and approach them rightly, so we can receive the full benefit God intends them to physically bring us.

Recent Vocation Titles

  1. God
    Malcolm B. Yarnell III
    B&H Books / 2024 / Hardcover
    Our Price$18.99 Retail Price$24.99 Save 24% ($6.00)
  2. Claiming the Courageous Middle: Daring to Live and Work Together for a More Hopeful Future
    Shirley A. Mullen
    Baker Academic / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$21.99 Retail Price$26.99 Save 19% ($5.00)
  3. A Life of Significance: Ordinary People Fulfilling The Extraordinary Call of God
    Renee Marini
    Redemption Press / 2023 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$22.49 Retail Price$24.99 Save 10% ($2.50)
  4. Poetic Living: Theological Education, Culture, and Pastoral Ministry: Essays in Honor of M. Craig Barnes

Bestselling Worship Titles

  1. Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Christian Community
  2. On the Christian Sacraments: St Cyril of Jerusalem
    St. Cyril of Jerusalem, translated by Frank L. Cross
    SVS Press / 2020 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$17.99 Retail Price$22.00 Save 18% ($4.01)
  3. Intergenerational Christian Formation: Bringing the Whole Church Together in Ministry, Community, and Worship
    Holly Catterton Allen, Christine Lawton, Cory L. Seibel
    InterVarsity Press / 2023 / Hardcover
    Our Price$28.99 Retail Price$40.00 Save 28% ($11.01)
  4. Encounters with Angels: The Invisible Companions of Our Spiritual Life
    Odile Haumonte
    Sophia Institute Press / 2021 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$17.06 Retail Price$18.95 Save 10% ($1.89)
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