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Essential Studies in Biblical Theology

IVP Academic

Essential Studies in Biblical Theology (ESBT) explores the central or "essential" themes of the Bible's grand storyline. Whereas existing series on biblical theology are generally open-ended, the ESBT will be limited to ten or so volumes. By restricting the entire series, the scope of the project is established from the beginning.

Taking cues from Genesis 1–3, each author teases out a unique theme throughout the entire sweep of the history of redemption. The ESBT project functions as a whole in that each theme is intentional, and each volume does not stand solely on its own merits. The individual volumes interlock with one another, and, taken together, form a complete and cohesive unit.

Written for students, church leaders and laypeople, the ESBT is intended to be an introduction to core biblical-theological themes of the Bible—accessible, yet rich in content.

Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary

Lexham Academic

Typical commentaries use the tools of exegesis, carefully examining each verse in light of the surrounding context. But in so doing, they often lose sight of the big picture. How does this passage connect to other books by this author? Where does it fit within the canon of Scripture? What unique theological point was the inspired author making?

To answer these questions, the EBTC looks to biblical theology. This discipline is all about understanding and embracing the unique perspective of the biblical author. How did they understand themselves in the unfolding of redemption history? How are those beliefs present in their writings? And how might those themes point to fulfillment in Christ?

By combining exegesis with biblical theology, the EBTC doesn’t just help you see the forest for the trees; it reveals a breathtaking view of an entire biblical world most Christians have rarely explored.

IVP Academic

Volumes in the New Studies in Biblical Theology (NSBT) series focus on three areas:

  • the nature and status of biblical theology, including its relationship to other disciplines
  • the articulation and exposition of the structure of thought from a particular biblical writer or text
  • the delineation of a biblical theme across the biblical corpus

While volume notes interact with the best of recent research, the text of each work is uncluttered with untransliterated Greek and Hebrew or too much specialist jargon. The volumes are written within the framework of confessional evangelicalism, but they also engage a variety of other relevant viewpoints and significant literature. Above all, these volumes are creative attempts to help Christians better understand their Bibles. The volumes in the NSBT series aim simultaneously to instruct and to edify, to interact with current scholarship and to point the way ahead.

Short Studies in Biblical Theology


The Short Studies in Biblical Theology (SSBT) series is designed to help readers see the whole Bible as a unified story—culminating in Jesus. In each volume, a trusted scholar traces an important topic throughout God’s word, from Genesis to Revelation, and explore its relevance to the Christian life. Insightful, accessible, and practical, these books are perfect for laypeople looking for bite-sized introductions to major subjects in biblical theology. Furthermore, pastors and professors will find this series to be an invaluable resource for brushing up on their grasp of the field as a whole.

Biblical Theology of the New Testament

Zondervan Academic

The Biblical Theology of the New Testament (BTNT) series provides upper college and seminary-level textbooks for students of New Testament theology, interpretation, and exegesis. Pastors and discerning theology readers alike will also benefit from this series. Written at the highest level of academic excellence by recognized experts in the field, the BTNT series not only offers a comprehensive exploration of the theology of every book of the New Testament, including introductory issues and major themes, but also shows how each book relates to the broad picture of New Testament theology.

New Testament Theology


Crossway’s New Testament Theology series provides concise overviews of the books of the New Testament. Covering the major themes, developments, and the relevance for the church today, this series is an ideal companion to the study of the New Testament.

Studies in Scripture and Biblical Theology

Lexham Academic

Studies in Scripture and Biblical Theology is a peer-reviewed series of contemporary monographs exploring key topics and issues in biblical studies and biblical theology from an evangelical perspective.

Theology for the People of God

B&H Academic

The Theology for the People of God series surveys central doctrines of the Christian faith through the lens of both biblical theology and systematic theology. Featuring top scholars writing for the benefit of the church, each volume invites readers into an accessible, in-depth study of a core Christian belief.

  1. A Handbook of Theology
    B&H Academic / 2023 / Hardcover
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  2. Humanity
    John S. Hammett, Katie J. McCoy
    B&H Academic / 2023 / Hardcover
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  3. Salvation
    Christopher W. Morgan, Thomas R. Schreiner
    B&H Academic / 2024 / Hardcover
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  4. The Holy Spirit
    Gregg Allison, Andreas J. Köstenberger
    B&H Academic / 2020 / Hardcover
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Biblical Theology for Life

Zondervan Academic

The Biblical Theology for Life series brings you a groundbreaking academic study of the Bible alongside contemporary contextualization and proclamation. Each volume, written by a leading biblical scholar, traces the development of a theological theme in Scripture and addresses the relevance of the Bible’s teaching to pastors, church leaders, students, and lay readers. This collection addresses discipleship and the mission of the church. It provides first-rate biblical study while at the same time addressing the practical concerns of contemporary ministry.