Church History

  1. Church History
  1. Crisis of Confidence: Reclaiming the Historic Faith in a Culture Consumed with Individualism and Identity
    Carl R. Trueman
    Crossway / 2024 / Hardcover
    Our Price$20.99 Retail Price$27.99 Save 25% ($7.00)
  2. Strange Religion: How the First Christians Were Weird, Dangerous, and Compelling
  3. The Great Dechurching: Who's Leaving, Why Are They Going, and What Will It Take to Bring Them Back?
    Jim Davis, Michael Graham, With Ryan P. Burge
    Zondervan / 2023 / Hardcover
    Our Price$21.99 Retail Price$29.99 Save 27% ($8.00)
  4. Life in the Negative World: Confronting Challenges in an Anti-Christian Culture
    Aaron M. Renn
    Zondervan / 2024 / Hardcover
    Our Price$18.99 Retail Price$26.99 Save 30% ($8.00)
  1. Religionless Christianity: God's Answer to Evil
    Eric Metaxas
    Salem Books / 2024 / Hardcover
    Our Price$18.99 Retail Price$25.99 Save 27% ($7.00)
  2. Why Study History? 2nd ed.: Reflecting on the Importance of the Past
    John Fea
    Baker Academic / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$19.99 Retail Price$24.99 Save 20% ($5.00)
  3. Bullies and Saints: An Honest Look at the Good and Evil of Christian History
    John Dickson
    Zondervan / 2023 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$19.99 Retail Price$26.99 Save 26% ($7.00)
  4. 40 Questions about Pentecostalism
    Jonathan A. Black & Series Edited by Benjamin L. Merkle
    Kregel Academic / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$17.99 Retail Price$23.99 Save 25% ($6.00)

For centuries, discussions of early Christianity have focused on male leaders in the church. But there is ample evidence right in the New Testament that women were actively involved in ministry, at the frontier of the gospel mission, and as respected leaders.

Nijay Gupta calls us to bring these women out of the shadows by shining light on their many inspiring contributions to the planting, growth, and health of the first Christian churches. He sets the context by exploring the lives of first-century women and addressing common misconceptions, then focuses on the women leaders of the early churches as revealed in Paul’s writings.

Foundations in Church History

  1. Resolve: The Church That Endures Onwards
    Luke H. Davis
    CF4Kids / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$9.99 Retail Price$12.99 Save 23% ($3.00)
  2. Risen Hope Box Set: The Church Throughout History
    Luke H. Davis
    CF4Kids / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$39.99 Retail Price$54.99 Save 27% ($15.00)
  3. Zwingli the Pastor: A Life in Conflict
    Stephen Brett Eccher
    Lexham Press / 2024 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$19.99 Retail Price$26.99 Save 26% ($7.00)
  4. Grace from Heaven: Prayers of the Reformation
    Robert Elmer(ED.)
    Lexham Press / 2024 / Hardcover
    Our Price$18.99 Retail Price$24.99 Save 24% ($6.00)
  1. A Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story, Hardcover
    William C. Martin
    Zondervan / 2018 / Hardcover
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  2. George Whitefield: Evangelist for God and Empire
    Peter Y. Choi, Mark A. Noll
    Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. / 2018 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$22.99 Retail Price$30.99 Save 26% ($8.00)
  3. The Confessions of Saint Augustine: Hendrickson Christian Classics
  4. The Lives of the Desert Fathers
    Cistercian Publications Inc / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$22.81 Retail Price$24.95 Save 9% ($2.14)
  1. Epic: An Around-the-World Journey Through Christian History
  2. Tried by Fire: The Story of Christianity's First Thousand Years [Paperback]
    William J. Bennett
    Thomas Nelson / 2018 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$2.99 Retail Price$19.99 Save 85% ($17.00)
  3. A Reader's Guide to the Major Writings of Jonathan Edwards
    Edited by Nathan A. Finn & Jeremy M. Kimble
    Crossway / 2017 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$3.99 Retail Price$21.99 Save 82% ($18.00)
  4. Priscilla: The Life of an Early Christian
    Ben Witherington III
    IVP Academic / 2019 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$1.99 Retail Price$20.00 Save 90% ($18.01)
    4.5 out of 5 stars for Priscilla: The Life of an Early Christian. View reviews of this product. 2 Reviews
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