Preaching the Word

Crossway’s Preaching the Word commentary series is an expository commentary derived from actual sermons and edited for written presentation. Each contributing author is a pastor and possesses advanced skill in the Bible’s original languages.

The series focus is on illuminating the meaning of the biblical text in a way that is accessible - and enjoyable to read - so as to edify the church with knowledge of Scripture and its application to real life. Pastors, students, and professors will find much to consider in these volumes.

The volumes in the Preaching the Word commentary series typically stand in the broad Reformed tradition, both classical and Baptist.

Multiple volumes in both the OT and the NT are now available. Volumes tend to appear quarterly. In 2012 Crossway changed the cover design to a more uniform appearance. All volumes past-and-present will eventually appear in white dust jackets with decorative gold and black lines.

Old Testament

New Testament

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