New International Commentary on the New Testament


Purpose & Scope
Each volume in the NICNT/OT series uses all the tools of critical scholarship yet remains committed to evangelical principles of inspiration. It is a multi-faceted commentary dealing with exegetical and theological issues while also giving a comprehensive review of scholarship. All technical remarks (e.g. use of Greek or Hebrew) are typically confined to notes and appendixes.

Each author has sought to work with the original languages, though they also employ the translation of their choice in the discussion. Moreover, this series reflects the rich and diverse tradition of Protestantism and includes Reformed, Pentecostal, Methodist, and Anglican commentators.

In order to keep the commentary new and conversant with contemporary scholarship, the NICNT/OT volumes are constantly under review and updated or replaced as necessary. Newer volumes, in particular, take into account the role of recent rhetorical and sociological inquiry in elucidating the meaning of the text.

The NT series consists of 20 volumes and the OT, 26 volumes. The NT is only missing work on 2 Peter & Jude, while the other OT volumes are forthcoming. Several NT volumes have, in recent years, been entirely replaced, revised, or updated.

The OT Volumes (NICOT) are also available.

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