How can Christians engage compassionately and coherently with followers of today's new religious movements if we know little about them? Derek Cooper, a professor of global Christianity, delves into 10 of the most prominent and recognizable—including Jainism, Nation of Islam, Mormonism, and Scientology—relating their origins, writings, beliefs, and practices. Discussion questions and suggestions for further reading included.

  1. When Science Goes Wrong: The Desire and Search for Truth
    Guy Consolmagno & Christopher M. Graney
    Paulist Press / 2023 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$14.99 Retail Price$19.95 Save 25% ($4.96)
  2. Chasing Proof, Finding Faith: A Young Scientist's Search for Truth in a World of Uncertainty
    Tom Rudelius
    Tyndale Elevate / 2023 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$13.49 Retail Price$17.99 Save 25% ($4.50)
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  3. Why Science and Faith Need Each Other: Eight Shared Values That Move Us beyond Fear
    Elaine Howard Ecklund
    Brazos Press / 2020 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$3.99 Retail Price$17.99 Save 78% ($14.00)
  4. Has Science Killed God?: The Faraday Papers on Science and Religion
    SPCK Publishing / 2020 / Hardcover
    Our Price$4.49 Retail Price$27.00 Save 83% ($22.51)
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