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    1. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      July 8, 2010
      Christy Lockstein
      Once in a Blue Moon by Leann Ellis isn't quite sure if it's a conspiracy thriller, contemporary romance, or family drama. Brynda Seymour's mother died forty years ago as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. She was raised by her Nana, but has spent the time since living life on the edge, engaging in risky behavior and always falling for the wrong guy. When she's contacted by Howard Walters who claims that her mother's death is part of a conspiracy from NASA, she's pulled into his paranoid world where she meets his son Sam, a former preacher. Sam and Brynda have immediate chemistry, but can she fall for a guy who believes in the Lord who allowed her mother to leave her orphaned at nine years old? Ellis is very skilled at creating fully fleshed characters and writes with a terrific sense of humor. Her books always have a light touch, guaranteed to make readers smile. While the books struggles to settle into a genre, it's still an enjoyable story. The truth about Brynda's mother is rather shocking, but Ellis handles it with grace and there's an excellent message of acceptance and learning to let go.
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      May 8, 2010
      Sharon A Lavy
      ONCE IN A BLUE MOON is the first of Leanna Ellis's novels I have read. It took me a few pages to understand where the book was headed. But I read it in parts of two days and am really glad I read it. I like Sam, and his pure but relaxed view of God. And how he draws out Brynda Seymour's long held secret, and helps her heal.It was a nice paced novel to read after finishing THE OTHER SIDE OF DARKNESS which I recently reviewed.Leanna is a master storyteller and I am eager to read her next book.
    3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      March 26, 2010
      Diane A. Brown - The Reader's Cove
      A quest for truth.Beware of what you seek!Leanna presents a story filled with quirky characters, imaginative situations, and a mysterious past. The descriptive wordage is bold and easy to visualize. I was a bit Lost in Space in the beginning but after the third chapter the story becomes smoother with a comfortable flow.The reader will encounter precarious situations, potential danger and lots of laughs. There is ample opportunity for sleuthing alongside Bryn, searching for the truth about her mothers death. Along the way her heart faces new challenges. Emotions, once easily suppressed, surface and raise havoc with her sensible way of life, or is it?If you are up for high flying adventure then Once in a Blue Moon will launch you into space.
    4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      March 17, 2010
      Liz Tolsma
      Bryn Seymour, a reporter on assignment to write about the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, meets Howard, an older man with some pretty far out ideas. He believes the government is hiding some information about what they found on the moon and are conspiring against him because of his knowledge. Bryn discovers he knew her mother who died under mysterious circumstances on the day of the moon landing. When Bryn goes to speak to Howard, she meets his son, Sam. He's handsome and charming and seems pretty normal, except for his strong faith. But might Howard's theories hold some water when strange and frightening things start happening to Bryn?I'm not going to give away any more of the book, but I ended up enjoying it very much. The plot was wonderful, with all kinds of twists and turns. It was funny, scary, sad and romantic all at the same time. Leanna Ellis' characters are vibrant and quirky and her descriptions so detailed. Sometimes almost too much so. In a few places, I felt it slowed the pace of the book. But that's a minor complaint. Put "Once in a Blue Moon" on your reading list. It's a enjoyable story that will keep you on your toes.**A complimentary copy of the book was provided to me for the review.
    5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      March 11, 2010
      Edwina Cowgill
      Once in a Blue MoonIntrigue, laughter, family, love, mixed in with characters you immediately like makes Once in a Blue Moon a fun book to read! Here is the back cover summary:She was only nine years old when her mother died under mysterious circumstances on the same day Apollo 11 made its historic lunar landing. In the decades since, thrill-seeking journalist Bryn Seymour has defied gravity, pushing each moment to count. Inwardly, though, shes resisted any close encounters. Skydiving is easy. Staying in a relationship? Not so much.On assignment to write about the fortieth anniversary of the first moon-walk, Bryn meets Howard, a loopy old gent full of conspiracy theories who drops a bomb on her world: he knew her mother. Could a small Texas town hold the secret to her mothers demise? Seeking closure, Bryn goes along for this men-in-black ride .But upon meeting Howards attractive son Sam, an outspoken Christian, she cant decide whose beliefs are more pie-in-the-sky.The gravity of life has always pulled Bryn back down to earth, but a perfect love could be her first step to soaring. The kind of love that only happens once in a blue moon.This is a great book to help you relax after a crazy day and would be fun to take on spring break or add it to your summer reading list.
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