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    1. San Diego, CA
      Age: 45-54
      Gender: male
      4 Stars Out Of 5
      Excellent Bible
      November 23, 2010
      San Diego, CA
      Age: 45-54
      Gender: male
      Quality: 3
      Value: 5
      Meets Expectations: 4
      The Cambridge Study Bible is excellent in many ways: Its commentary is basic and informative without being doctrinal. It utilizes the NRSV which is a *must* for serious students of the Bible. Its cross-references for most verses are invaluable. It does not include the Apocrypha.

      It falls short in two areas: The binding is not high quality. Though the pages stay intact, the cover is cheap, wears easily, and separates from the binding after only a year or so of frequent use. Also, each page needs to have a heading at the top to tell the reader what chapter they're on. If both of these shortcomings were addressed, this Bible would be about as close to perfect as you could get.
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      April 16, 2007
      Jennifer Wilson
      Absolutely the best edition of this version. I'm a Fuller Seminary student and can't find an edition to beat it. The NRSV is one of the best translations, preferred by most seminary professors. This particular edition has an outstanding layout/format.
    3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      March 14, 2005
      Nigel P. Lamb
      The NRSV is THE translation for use in serious academic circles. This study bible from Cambridge brings excellent scholarship within reach of the average layperson. The text of the introductions to each book of the bible and the annotations within the books may seem somewhat concise, but they get you thinking about what you are reading. You get just enough information to help you understand what you are reading. The annotations will not tell you what to believe or how to believe; they will allow you to think carefully and draw your own conclusions. The layout of this volume is quite novel and most appealing.
    4. 1 Stars Out Of 5
      May 19, 2002
      Darron Steele
      This edition of the Bible would be dangerous to use for non-Christians or new Christians. First of all, it uses the New Revised Standard Version, which at Genesis 1:6 calls our sky a "dome," translating Genesis 1 as if it was an ancient creation myth rather than God-revealed truth. (More accurate translations, such as the NIV, use "expanse.") The notes and book introductions are also unfitting for a Bible-believer. For instance, in the introduction to Daniel, it attributes Daniel to the second century B.C.E., hence denying that the sixth century B.C.E. prophecies of Daniel are true prophecy. The author also denies Pauline authorship of I, II Timothy and Titus, and the Petrine authorship of II Peter, which denies the authenticity of parts of the Bible. This edition of the Bible also contains an error: it states that the Roman Catholic New American Bible (NAB, not to be mistaken for the NASB) is a translation of the Latin Vulgate, when in fact it is translated where possible from the original languages. The New Testament of the NAB is the United Bible Societies' 3rd Edition Greek New Testament (Preface To The NAB). I strongly recommend that Bible-believing Christians use this study Bible with great care and caution.
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