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    1. 2 Stars Out Of 5
      May 5, 2011
      Dawn P.
      Quality: 2
      Value: 1
      Meets Expectations: 2
      I read several other reviews concerning this particular Bible and have to say I think most of them were generous. I think Tyndale could have been a little more clear about what this Bible contained. When I first read the details I thought it was going to provide some helps for military wives and mothers while their loved one was deployed. What I found was a Bible and that's about it (I am not downplaying the Bible). Now I will say that the camouflage cover was pretty nice, but other than that it was pretty plain. The size was smaller but still quite bulky. I certainly would not want to carry it around in my pocket. I do like the fact that these Bibles contain the New Living Translation which from what I've seen is pretty good. I also thought the Bibles were a little overpriced but not terribly so.

      Without sounding like a total snob and stick in the mud, I do think this would be a good gift for those who have loved ones in the military. They are nice keepsakes and good reminders for the soldiers too, to stay close to God especially during difficult times. I would also recommend their website if you are interested in getting one of these Bibles or having some sent to soldiers. All the information you need is provided on the website.

      Tyndale gave me a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.
    2. 4 Stars Out Of 5
      June 2, 2010
      True to it's word, Tyndale has come out with an "Operation Worship Bible" geared especially for the supporting wives, mothers, sisters and friends in a soldier's life.With an adorable pink camoflauge cover and written in the NLT translation, this is a perfect gift to give to someone whose loved one is giving their time, family and life protecting our country.On a personal level, we make it a routine to send out several of these, to the men and women who are in active duty right now, with messages letting them know we are thinking of them, how apprecative we are of the service they are doing and that they are in our thoughts and prayers, so it was an honor and a blessing to review this special version for the women in those soldiers lives.With room to leave a personal message, it is perfect to place in a gift basket, just give as is and as I found out, perfect to carry in a diaper bag or purse.The devotionals that are placed inside, are inspiring as well as encouraging and in the very end, it also shares how to pass on a free bible to others who can benefit from the comfort of reading our Father's Word.So if you know of that special someone who can benefit from this or just want to find a way to let someone you know, whose husband, father, brother or friend is currently in the service, that they are not in this alone, I highly recommend sending them one of these bibles.The cover is a reminder of the important part that a mother, wife, sister, grandmother and friend plays in our soldier's lives and a source of strength, comfort and encouragement as we all pray for our soldier's who are serving our country.---Disclosure: Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a free, complementary copy of The Operation Worship Holy Bible- Homefront Edition, in accordance with new regulations introduced by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).
    3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      May 13, 2010
      My husband is in the Navy and has several copies of the Operation Worship Navy edition that he has given to several of his coworkers on the ship; it's a great Bible for an outreach ministry. As a result, some of they guy's on board have shown interest in learning more of the Good News; and that's where I come in, I give these Bibles to the spouses and it has opened many doors to share of God's Love.This is a great "started" Bible, I've oftened expressed my opinion in purchasing a Life Application Study Bible to really understand the deeper meaning of God's word.
    4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      May 12, 2010
      Kathleen Smith
      I was given the privilege to review The Operation Worship Holy Bible Home Front Edition NIV compliments of Tyndale House Publishers. What a great mini Bible this was for anyone serving in our countries armed forces. I could see how this would be extremely convenient to our men and women serving away from home to keep the word of God close. You could easily keep this in your pocket or in your pack so His word is never far away and the weight is nice. I love as well that this Bible is completely dedicated to those serving in our armed forces. Here is the opening prayer that lies just inside the front cover:O Lord,while we are apart, make us instruments of your peace.Where there is hatred, let us plant the seeds of your love;Where there is anger...restraint;Where there is brutality, ...kindness;Where there is fear,...courage;Where there is pride,...humility;Where there is blindness,...wisdom.Lord, while we are apart, help us to entrust our lives to you.Where there is loneliness, make your presence known;Where there is doubt, give us faith;Where there is despair, awaken in us hope;Where there is darkness, shine your light;Where there is sadness, fill us with joy.Lord, while we are apart, bless us and protect us.Smile on us and be gracious to us.Show us your favor and give us your peace.And use us to plant seeds of blessingwherever we go, whatever we do,in everything we say.We pray all these thingsfor the sake of Your Name and Your Kingdom.AMENAs you can see this is truly an inspiring Bible to offer to anyone of our personal serving in the military. The colors are geared more for a woman than a man but it really does encourage them throughout the Bible while they are separated from their family and friends.If you would like more information on this Bible and where to obtain a copy, please click on the link below:
    5. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      May 12, 2010
      JN Anderson
      The bright, new Operation Worship Bible is perfect and timely for military mothers and wives. This Bible uses the New Living Translation which is a very faithful and yet functional translation of the Scriptures. A few of the translators used in the making of this English version are accomplished scholars such as:Daniel L. Block - Wheaton CollegeGordon Wenham - Trinity Theological College, BristolEugene Carpenter - Bethel CollegeDale A. Bruggemann, Assemblies of God Division of Foreign MissionsEugene H. Merrill, Dallas Theological SeminaryJohn Walton - Wheaton CollegeRichard Patterson - Liberty UniversityRobert Mounce - Whitworth UniversityGreg Beale - Wheaton CollegeMoises Silva - Gordon-Conwell Theological SeminaryD.A. Carson - Trinity Evangelical Divinity SchoolElmer A. Martens - Mennonite Brethren Biblical SeminaryThis Bible is unique in its letter to "Our Men and Women in Uniform and to Your Families". It also has studies on "What is the Bible All About?" and "The Bible Talks About Life and Faith". The Homfront Edition includes space for notations and name and the Peace Prayer of Francis Assisi.The copy I received was provided to me at no charge, courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers as part of a review program. I received the paperback Homefront Edition. I recommend this translation and edition to any military mom or wife.
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