Don't Miss Your Life: The Secret to Significance - eBook
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Don't Miss Your Life: The Secret to Significance - eBook  -     By: Aaron Tredway

Don't Miss Your Life: The Secret to Significance - eBook

Broadstreet Publishing Group / 2022 / ePub

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Stock No: WW121104EB

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Stock No: WW121104EB
Broadstreet Publishing Group / 2022 / ePub
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Product Information

Title: Don't Miss Your Life: The Secret to Significance - eBook
By: Aaron Tredway
Format: DRM Free ePub
Vendor: Broadstreet Publishing Group
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN: 9781424564231
ISBN-13: 9781424564231
Stock No: WW121104EB

Publisher's Description

Live life to the fullest.
Nobody wants to look back on a disappointing, unfulfilled life. Why then are so many of us dissatisfied despite our goals and continual striving? In Don’t Miss Your Life, Aaron Tredway reveals we’re aimed at the wrong target: success. Despite our pursuit of something more, we are stuck chasing our idea of success instead of true significance. But we don’t have to be rich or famous to lead a life of meaning in God’s kingdom.
In this practical guide, Aaron shares his personal discovery of the secret to significance and invites you to live the life God created you for. Learn to
  • recognize the exhausting emptiness of pursuing success,
  • find liberation from a life without purpose,
  • pursue God’s glory instead of unrewarding self-focus, and
  • choose significance over success one step at a time.
You were made for a meaningful, deeply fulfilling life, and you can achieve just that.

Author Bio

Pastor. Author. Coach. Husband. Father. Friend. Aaron Tredway is passionate about living life to its fullest and pushing beyond the boundaries of everyday life through adventure.
             As the vice president for Ambassadors Football International, Aaron has traveled to over 140 countries and has personally trained over five thousand soccer coaches in developing and emerging nations, teaching them how to create social impact and transformation through the platform of soccer.
             In 2006, Aaron was the founder and executive director of the Cleveland City Stars, a professional soccer team. After a twenty-year professional soccer career as a player, coach, and executive, Aaron now serves as the lead pastor of Fellowship City Church, a growing multisite church in Cleveland, Ohio. Aaron is a sought-after speaker and consultant on the subject of leadership and has presented to several Fortune 500 companies. He also continues to mentor dozens of professional athletes around the world.
             A graduate of Liberty University and California State University, Stanislaus, Aaron holds two degrees in physical education and two degrees in theology, including a doctorate of ministry.
             Aaron published his first book, To Who: A Competition for Glory, in conjunction with the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. To Who has sold over one hundred thousand copies to date and has been published on three continents.
In 2016, Aaron released his second book, Outrageous: Awake to the Unexpected Adventures of Everyday Faith, which highlights Aaron’s belief that we all have an opportunity to wake up to a life far more exciting than we imagine. He would much rather spend his time and energy traveling to the world’s most remote, underserved areas with a soccer ball than lead a safe life without purpose.
             He and his wife, Ginny, reside in Cleveland, Ohio, with their son, Noah.

Editorial Reviews

Aaron has a unique way of communicating through humor, personal experience, and biblical insight. In Don’t Miss Your Life, he exposes the emptiness and deceptiveness of our pursuit of success. In the end, you’re left with a compelling decision to change course.
Tom Petersburg, president, Catapult Ministries;
former chaplain, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, and Cleveland Cavaliers
You are meant to be here. Yes, holding this book...but also here on earth. The problem is that too many people miss their purpose or don’t know how to uncover it. This book can help! Aaron takes you on a fun, inspirational, story-filled journey that will give you tangible and practical next steps to help you move toward your best life. I am excited for you!
Ben Snyder, lead pastor, CedarCreek Church
In the athletic world, I’ve experienced what Aaron describes in Don’t Miss Your Life: a life lived in pursuit of success, which only leads to emptiness. This book has given me practical steps to live for significance that glorifies God.
Travis Hafner, former Major League Baseball player (17-year career)
Everyone has a story, a gift, a purpose…and a target. Aaron clearly and directly challenges you to question your target in life. Don’t Miss Your Life will challenge you to evaluate what your identity is anchored in and evaluate how you are using your time, talent, and treasure. If your life feels less than full, this book illustrates grounded truths to provide a pathway toward significance.
Marshall Croom, retired CFO, Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
Struggling on the treadmill of success? Searching for significance in all the wrong places? Don’t Miss Your Life has the secret to discovering and redefining success and significance in a world that fills us with false hope. As a former professional athlete, I’ve been to the top of my profession only to have it all seemingly taken away. I’ve also experienced the same in business and in my family life. Those peaks and valleys can lure and deceive the best of us into a repetitive cycle that never ends. Don’t Miss Your Life will point you to the answer you’ve been looking for: the abundant life Jesus has to offer. Aaron’s winsome truth telling will capture your heart and mind in a unique way, spur you to evaluate your life, and encourage you to make the necessary changes that lead to true significance!
Steve Shak, managing director, Northwestern Mutual;
former number one draft pick, Major League Soccer
At some point, we all find ourselves looking for our purpose in life, asking ourselves where we fit and how we will find our place. In Don’t Miss Your Life, Aaron does an incredible job of helping us find our unique purpose and understand how this purpose is part of a much bigger story than we could have ever imagined. Don’t miss out on reading this book. I’m confident it will help you find the life you’ve always been looking for.
George Franco, president, Franco Trucking, Inc.
Don’t Miss Your Life is a wonderful mix of stories and lessons that creates deeper thoughts about what God really wants for our lives no matter what situations we encounter. Great read!
Anna Latkovic, president, Ghurka
As a professional athlete, I often get asked if I find my life purpose running track. I always say no. When I’m not as stressed as other athletes before a huge competition, people ask why. It’s hard to put a response into words, but this book contains those words! Read Don’t Miss Your Life if you want to live with less anxiety, a greater self-worth, and a much greater purpose. It’s a liberating way to live!
Jordan Gray, professional decathlete;
founder, Let Women Decathlon
Have you ever felt empty no matter how hard you work, strive, or push? Maybe you have just reached the top. Maybe you are just beginning your journey and have yet to experience the feelings of never being satisfied. No matter what stage you are at, it’s not too late to aim at the right target. In Don’t Miss Your Life, Aaron will guide you to your true purpose in life and help you reassess your vision of success. You will discover the real reason you are on this earth and the overwhelming fullness you can feel when your target aligns with Jesus’ target for your life. You will enjoy this book and find the target that God put you on earth to hit. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.
Christopher Hodgson, president, Driftwood Restaurants and Catering
At some point, we all figure out that success doesn’t satisfy our deepest desires. Discovering your purpose and living this out will bring you true fulfillment. Read this book and find out how to live your best life.
Christian Taylor, professional athlete;
two-time Olympic Gold Medalist

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