1. Seven-Mile Miracle: Journey into the Presence of God Through the Last Words of Jesus
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    Seven-Mile Miracle: Journey into the Presence of God Through the Last Words of Jesus
    Steven Furtick
    Multnomah / 2018 / Trade Paperback
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  1. Age: 45-54
    Gender: male
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    Seven-Mile Miracle
    July 8, 2017
    Dr JSK
    Age: 45-54
    Gender: male
    Quality: 4
    Value: 4
    Meets Expectations: 4
    Seven-Mile Miracle, written by Steven Furtick, published by Multnomah, is a publication that strives to assist its readers through the final words of Jesus.

    On the cross, Jesus spoke only seven short sentences, but in these seven sentences He demonstrated the power that is only found within an intimate relationship with God. Jesus spoke of forgiveness, salvation, relationship, abandonment, distress, triumph and reunion.

    As readers turn the pages of this publication, they will learn how the last words of Jesus offer power and direction for our lifelong journey as followers of Christ.

    Included are questions that are designed to carry the reader into a deep understanding of the idea behind each chapter and a forty-day reading guide.

    This book is well written and informative. It will make a wonderful addition to anyones library, thus it is a recommended purchase.

    Dr. Jeff Krupinski
  2. 4 Stars Out Of 5
    Great way to focus on Christ and what he's done for us!
    March 17, 2017
    Quality: 5
    Value: 5
    Meets Expectations: 5
    After reading the first sentence where Mr. Furtick compares Easter to the Superbowl, to be honest, I was a little put off. How can someone think about the death and resurrection of the savior of the world in such simple flippant terms, I thought. But I plugged on. I kept reading. And I was pleasantly surprised at the content and respect the author gives to the greatest event in human history. I was especially convicted when the author wrote "Why weren't these two followers of Jesus able to recognize him? Maybe because they weren't expecting to see him." (p5) We don't see Jesus in our lives because we don't expect to! How true. I was eager to continue after reading that. In this book, the 7 last statements of Christ, while on the cross, were pulled apart and examined as life points for all of us to follow.

    1. A Word of Forgiveness: Luke 23:34

    2. A word of Salvation: Luke 23:43

    3. A word of relationship: John 19:26-27

    4. A Word of abandonment: Matthew 27:46

    5. A Word of distress: John 19:28

    6. A Word of Triumph: John 19:30

    7. A word of reunion: Luke 23:46

    In all these statements the author spends pages and pages explaining them and how they can and should be applied to our lives. They all show me how relate-able Christ is to me. He understands me because he was there. He lived it too. He was in distress, he felt abandoned, he had to forgive... Scripture and real life examples are given throughout the book to prove points and illustrate for the reader what these incredible statements mean for us today. The book is written in a language that is easy to understand and follow. You don't have to be a bible scholar to understand and learn from this book! It's written for all of us. I loved the questions that are given in order to draw you to reflect and process what you've just taken in. They are a great addition to the book. A 40 day reading plan for Jesus death and resurrection is given in the back of the book. This is a great way to spend the Lent period focusing on Christ. A detailed notes section is also available at the back of the book. This is especially helpful to cross reference other books and things mentioned in the text.

    A great book to read any time of the year but especially during the Easter season. Great way to focus on Christ and what he did so lovingly for us on the cross.

    I was provided this book by Blogging for Books & the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I was not obligated to give a positive review.
  3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
    Last Words for the Journey
    February 21, 2017
    Quality: 4
    Value: 0
    Meets Expectations: 5
    Steven Furtick has written a great book using the last word's of Jesus as he hung from the cross. The "Seven-Mile Miracle" takes the reader on a seven mile journey using the words of Jesus as mile markers. Furtick is able to take these simple words and break them down showing the real meaning behind each of Jesus' statements. These are words I hear every Easter but did not think of their profound meaning on my life or my journey in growing my relationship with Jesus. As the Lent season approaches I would highly recommend this book as reading material between now and Easter, or in fact any time. It will make you view the cross on Easter morning in a new light. Or if you are a new Christian this book will help explain why Jesus did what he did by going to the cross willingly.

    I received this book free to give my honest opinion from WaterBrook.
  4. California
    Age: Over 65
    Gender: Female
    1 Stars Out Of 5
    Be a Berean If You Must Read This Book
    February 18, 2017
    Age: Over 65
    Gender: Female
    Quality: 1
    Value: 1
    Meets Expectations: 1
    From the cross, Jesus speaks seven short statements. Seven, the number of completion, perfection. Steven Furtick calls these seven statements mile markers in the Christian's walk to Emmaus, the Christian's journey in relationship with Jesus.

    I was intrigued by this claim and eager to read this megachurch pastor's ideas and learn about the seven mile markers on the road to Emmaus.

    Furtick uses ways of relating to today's America throughout his book, including reducing the celebration of Easter by calling it the "Super Bowl of Christianity" in the first sentence of the introduction. He also created an acronym for "More of God" in the introduction. (p. 2) I paused and re-read the paragraph. Then, I looked at the back of the book and the endorsements on the inside. Later, I visited the Elevation Church website. Then, I understood. Perry Noble was preaching that week. Perry Noble's book, The Most Excellent Way, was another book that bordered on the irreverent and took Scripture out of context.

    As with any book or writing, please search the Scriptures as the Bereans did to make sure that the book agrees with the Word of God, Acts 17:11

    Yet, there are nuggets of truth sprinkled throughout the book like these two:

    - "The anointing of God is only produced under pressure." (p. 89)

    - "The salvation of God begins when our human striving ends." (p. 134)

    2 Reasons Why I Won't Read Another Book by Furtick


    The first statement of Jesus addresses forgiveness: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Luke 23:34 Furtick writes, "The Savior says, 'Forgive them, Father, when they don't know what they're doing or even when they know exactly what they're doing.'" (p. 36). If I had not been reviewing the book for Blogging for Books, I would have stopped reading at page 36. Jesus told the Father that the people did not know what they were doing when they nailed Him to the cross. Jesus, the Son of God, had no question that the people did not know what they were doing.

    Furtick uses the ESV and NIV to make the points he wants to make. However, I could not find any translation that quoted Jesus telling Peter "three times to 'feed my lambs.'" The ESV translates the words of Jesus as "feed My lambs ... tend My sheep ... feed My sheep." John 21:15-17 The NIV translates it as "feed My lambs ... take care of My sheep ... feed My sheep."

    In addressing the fifth statement of Jesus, "I thirst" John 19:28, Furtick writes, "Again, he struck the rock and got water out of it, but God accused Moses of not having faith in him. We're not sure what exactly Moses did wrong. Maybe the problem was that Moses struck the rock twice, because once should have been enough if he really trusted God." (p. 112)

    Perhaps if Furtick had read God's instructions to Moses, he would have understood that Moses disobeyed the Lord by striking the rock instead of speaking to the rock.

    Take the staff, and assemble the congregation, you and Aaron your brother, and tell the rock before their eyes to yield its water. So you shall bring water out of the rock for them and give drink to the congregation and their cattle. Numbers 20:8


    In 2014, an investigative reporter wrote an article about Elevation Church planting people in the church to stand up and go forward to be baptized. ChristianPost.com followed up on the article and quoted Rev. David Key, who teaches at Emory University's Candler School of Theology, referring to services like this as a "'Disneyfication' of religious services."

    In Seven-Mile Miracle, Furtick indicates that he did not defend the process of getting attendees to go forward for baptism. Instead, he wrote that he announced that the church would be "holding another baptism that Sunday night! And that night was one of our most remarkable worship services ever, as hundreds more people were baptized as a declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ." (p. 139)


    I received a copy of Seven-Mile Miracle : Journey into the Presence of God Through the Last Words of Jesus, from Blogging for Books for my honest review.
  5. West Point, UT
    Age: Over 65
    Gender: male
    4 Stars Out Of 5
    Seven miles for seven words
    February 15, 2017
    West Point, UT
    Age: Over 65
    Gender: male
    Quality: 0
    Value: 0
    Meets Expectations: 0
    For many of us, as Easter approaches we are compelled to consider the broader implications of the crucifixion and the resurrection. Many people who I know will start that process by fasting during Lent, a period of time that starts on Ash Wednesday (40 daysminus Sundays) before Easter. Lent is a time of repentance, and introspection, but alongside the somber moments, we also celebrate that Jesus was able to resist Satans tempting offers, and in doing so set the stage for His eventual defeat of sin and death.

    And then comes Good Friday. The humiliation, the torture, and eventually the death on the cross of Jesus. It was a horrible death, and just the evening before Jesus had spent time praying that the cup be taken from Him, but when the answer was no he showed himself, again, to be the obedient Son, as he went to the cross.

    Any of us would have reacted quite differently to the cross than did Jesus. And the 7 last words the statements that he made give us quite a bit to think about as we prepare for the joyous celebration of Resurrection Sunday. Stephen Furtick takes his title (Seven-Mile Miracle: Journey into the Presence of God through the Last Words of Jesus (Multnomah, 2017) from the Emmaus walk7 miles to Jerusalemthat two of the disciples made after the crucifixion and the mystery of the resurrection (they left town before Jesus made his appearance known) (see Luke 24:13)

    One word or phrase for each mile on our journey to understanding what Jesus had to say to his followers on that first Good Friday.

    The events of the day start at about 9:00 am, and by noon Jesus has made several statements. He asks that his tormentors be forgiven, he promises salvation, and he tells us about being adopted into the family of God. Then at about noon, things start to heat up, and Jesus cries out to God, why am I feeling so alone? Im thirsting for you. Then the cry of triumph: It is finishedIve done everything we set out to do, and finally that joyful reunion with God: into your hands I commit my spirit.

    Each chapter consists of two parts: a basic discussion of the word itself and some questions to help us think though that part of the crucifixion story, and then what could almost be called a sermon on the theme.

    Several years ago Multnomah published a DVD and participants guide to walk people through the seven last words. Its still available from on-line retailers

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

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