The Miracle Moment: How Tough Conversations Can Actually Transform Your Most Important Relationships
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The Miracle Moment: How Tough Conversations Can Actually Transform Your Most Important Relationships  -     By: Nicole Unice

The Miracle Moment: How Tough Conversations Can Actually Transform Your Most Important Relationships

Tyndale Momentum / 2021 / Paperback

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Stock No: WW6448552

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Tyndale Momentum / 2021 / Paperback

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Product Description

Recognize and respond to the moment in every conversation that has the potential to transform the relationship! Unice offers practical tools to help you respect emotions without letting them control you, speak words that improve the likelihood of getting what you need, identify – and keep yourself safe from – toxic people, become comfortable setting boundaries, and more.

Product Information

Title: The Miracle Moment: How Tough Conversations Can Actually Transform Your Most Important Relationships
By: Nicole Unice
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 240
Vendor: Tyndale Momentum
Publication Date: 2021
Weight: 9 ounces
ISBN: 1496448553
ISBN-13: 9781496448552
Stock No: WW6448552

Publisher's Description

There’s a moment in every conversation that can change the whole relationship. A moment when you can either move toward the other person or away from them. Choose to break a negative cycle or continue it. Understand and be understood or remain confused and frustrated.

It’s the “miracle moment.” And once you learn how to recognize and respond to it, it holds the power to help transform the relationships you have—at home, in love, and at work—into the ones you really want.

In The Miracle Moment, Nicole Unice helps you discover the practical tools to
  • Learn to respect and respond to your emotions without letting them control you
  • Speak words that help—rather than hurt—the likelihood of your getting what you need
  • Identify and keep yourself safe from toxic people
  • Become comfortable setting and holding boundaries
  • Be your best self even when you’re tempted to shut up, blow up, or give up
Step into the space where miracles happen. Your miracle moments are waiting for you: moments of honesty; moments of healing; moments of renewal and lasting change.

(Don’t miss the companion Miracle Moment DVD Experience and Miracle Moment Participant’s Guide, perfect for small groups or individuals wanting to go deeper!)


This book is a game changer for the way you see yourself and connect with the world. Nicole’s wisdom will help you take your relationships and your life to the next level. Miracles are waiting for you!
Alli Worthington, bestselling author, speaker, and business coach

We all know that one conversation we really should have but don’t. We sabotage the relationships that could be most fulfilling and impactful because we don’t know how to say what needs to be said. Nicole provides wise perspective and a practical approach to engaging in difficult conversations that are balanced with truth and grace—a powerful combination we often forget to use.
Steve Perkins, founder and CEO of Greenhouse Culture

With solid advice and practical phrases to use in the middle of any argument, The Miracle Moment does exactly what it suggests: gives you the power to make miracles happen in your relationships.
Elisa Morgan, author, speaker, and cohost of the God Hears Her podcast

Navigating conflict is an essential tool as long as you are dealing with human beings, yet most people don’t prepare and practice for conflict! Nicole has masterfully given us a start-to-finish practical guide for navigating the inevitable.
David M. Bailey, coauthor of the Race, Class, and the Kingdom of God study series

As you walk into a room of hard questions and tough conversations, Nicole invites you closer to see where grace exists. Her honesty and pursuit of truth refresh your soul and give you hope.
Eryn Eddy, founder of So Worth Loving lifestyle company and author of So Worth Loving: How Discovering Your True Value Changes Everything

Nicole has artfully distilled her experience as therapist, coach, and pastor into a chairside companion designed to help you navigate conflict with integrity while setting and holding boundaries. The book is a treasure of stories and exercises designed to resolve dilemmas. Nicole has been a blessing in my career with her ability to reframe/reconsider situations, and her expertise shines through in this book.
Joseph Bowers, CEO of The CREATiON Companies

The Miracle Moment is a miracle indeed. Nicole Unice has created the ultimate guide for navigating tough conversations. As a woman over forty, I’ve had more tough discussions than I can count. Often I’ve avoided people and conversations out of “kindness,” never knowing just how unkind my actions were. Nicole’s introduction and step-by-step guide to identifying our intentions and feelings prior to speaking is a game changer. After devouring Nicole’s new body of work, I’m armed with a plan and all I need to restore past relationships and future roadblocks.
Ameerah Saine, host of the Brunch and Slay podcast

Too many leaders underestimate the importance of tough conversations. They either avoid them or they insensitively barrel through them, blind to their own feelings and motivations, and often completely unaware of the impact on the relationships in their lives. Nicole’s experience as a counselor, pastor, and coach powerfully equips you with the tools to have healthy and honest conversations that lead to true miracle moments.
Jenni Catron, author, leadership coach, and founder of The 4Sight Group

As a counselor, one of the greatest needs I see in my clients is the desire for deep, life-giving conversations. Ironically, we often feel the need for this type of communication in the hard places of pain and conflict—the very places where we are most tempted to withdraw from one another. Each chapter in The Miracle Moment is full of concrete teaching, engaging illustrations, and practical steps of application to help us move toward tough conversations with the people close to us. These tools can help us have more authentic conversations that will strengthen, rather than destroy, our most meaningful relationships.
Lisa G. Ould, counselor and executive director of The Barnabas Center–Richmond

The most challenging spaces in life and leadership are relationships. In this must-read for leaders everywhere, Nicole Unice delivers a just-in-time, practical pathway to navigate the conversations we dread most. Nicole’s unique ability to weave timeless wisdom with relevant stories provides a relatable and powerful tool for leaders in every walk of life.
Gabriel Smith, founder and CEO of 3rd Source

Nicole Unice gives us the principles and tools we need to navigate the challenge of living in healthy relationships. Yet The Miracle Moment is so vulnerable, honest, and relevant that once you’ve read it, you’ll want to keep it close (for regular reference) so you stay positioned for more miracle moments in your life. This book would be relevant in the White House, not to mention boardrooms, offices, churches, kitchen tables, bedrooms, backyards, and front porches!
Pastor Don Coleman, lead pastor of East End Fellowship and former chairman of the Richmond, Virginia, public school board

When many of us think about miracle moments, it’s usually through the lens of something happening to us. What I love about Nicole’s approach and coaching style is that she has witnessed how important it is for leaders to move in order for miracle moments to happen. We can’t just sit back and wait for them. Miracles happen when we look inside and put ourselves in position to experience them!
Tyler Reagin, founder of the Life-Giving Company and cofounder of the 10TEN Project

The Miracle Moment teaches us how to think, feel, and react in an honest and vulnerable way. Nicole’s insight into becoming a non-anxious presence can be a life-changing tool for self-awareness. Through this book, you will discover you have the courage to be an open and honest person in all your relationships.
Dr. Chris Payne, senior pastor of New City Church, Charlotte, North Carolina

In The Miracle Moment, Nicole invites us to pay attention to what is going on within us and to be curious, not condemning. She gives us tools that anyone can use and lets us know that there is hope in Jesus. And she cheers us on the whole way. There is more for all of us!
Katina Napper, strategic leader, consultant, and coach

With her discernment as a pastor and her experience as a counselor, Nicole is the coach you want in your corner. Her book will help you see what you’re missing when you shrink from difficult conversations and show you how to press in for the miracle moment waiting on the other side. If you want to thrive in your life and leadership, let this practical book guide the way to transforming your relationships.
Julie Pierce, leadership coach, author, and speaker

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