Your Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Guide to a Christ-Centered Relationship
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Your Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Guide to a Christ-Centered Relationship  -     By: Scott LaPierre

Your Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Guide to a Christ-Centered Relationship

Harvest House Publishers / 2021 / Paperback

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Harvest House Publishers / 2021 / Paperback

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Product Information

Title: Your Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Guide to a Christ-Centered Relationship
By: Scott LaPierre
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 240
Vendor: Harvest House Publishers
Publication Date: 2021
Dimensions: 9 X 6 (inches)
Weight: 12 ounces
ISBN: 0736983961
ISBN-13: 9780736983969
Stock No: WW983960

Publisher's Description

Celebrate the Marriage God Made for You

Your most important earthly connection is with your spouse, and when you honor the person you married, you’re also honoring God. He created marriage to be one of life’s greatest gifts, and the instruction manual you need for a joyful, lasting union is found in His Word.

In Your Marriage God’s Way, author and pastor Scott LaPierre takes a close look at the principles for building a biblical marriage—one in which your relationship with Christ brings guidance and blessing into your relationship with your spouse. You’ll gain the tools to…
  • understand the unique roles and responsibilities of husbands and wives
  • recognize and resolve the conflicts you face with a heart of hope and compassion
  • follow God’s worthy command to love and cherish your spouse unconditionally
Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or you’ve been on the road together for years, Your Marriage God’s Way will provide the helpful and encouraging insights you need to experience marriage as God intends it.

Author Bio

Scott LaPierre is a senior pastor, author, and popular conference speaker. He holds an MA in biblical studies from Liberty University. Scott and his wife, Katie, live in Washington state, and God has blessed them with nine children. Learn more at

Editorial Reviews

"Most Christian books on marriage today don’t have much Scripture in them. This one is saturated with the Word of God. If you want a book that is built on the foundation of exposition of Scripture, this is for you. Scott’s practical insights are grounded in the biblical text using biblical language. Your Marriage God’s Way will fill your mind with the pure and perfect Word of God. This is what every marriage needs."
—Scott T. Brown, pastor, Hope Baptist Church, Wake Forest, NC

"This book is a timely reminder that God is the author of marriage. As a pastor who counsels real couples with real struggles, Scott knows how to deliver practical advice rooted in biblical truth. Get ready for a new appreciation for your marriage and the rewarding gift of love between a husband and wife."
—Jay Payleitner, national speaker and bestselling author of 52 Ways to Connect as a Couple

"Your Marriage, God’s Way not only tells but shows how to have a strong marriage. Starting with the biblical truth that a fulfilling marriage is possible when each spouse’s chief goal is to please the Lord, Scott gently and skillfully guides husbands and wives to life-changing insights that will strengthen relationships young and seasoned."
—Steve and Annie Chapman, musical ambassadors to the family, authors

"Scott LaPierre provides an excellent balanced, biblical view of marriage in this practical guide. The need is great. The timeliness of this treatment is critical. It is a word in season to a world of marital disintegration, confusion, and misunderstandings."
—Kevin Swanson, pastor, author, host of Generations Radio

"This book is filled with stories, examples, and most importantly, sound biblical guidance for living out a marriage that pleases God. Scott tackles difficult topics head-on with grace and understanding. You’ll find guidelines you can apply immediately to reap the benefits of doing marriage God’s way."
—Melanie Chitwood, author of What a Husband Needs from His Wife and What a Wife Needs from Her Husband

"Scott LaPierre is like a lifeguard—for marriages. He offers countless insights that serve as life rings of help, teaching couples how to swim together like never before. The book goes deep—but you’ll never feel like you’re drowning!"
—Tim Shoemaker, speaker, author of The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions

"When an author combines studiousness, practicality, and inspiration in his written work, you know you hold a good book in your hands. When graciousness, winsomeness, and refreshing humor are added, it goes from good to great. And when the final product is also Christ-centered, gospel-centric, and biblically based, good transforms into excellent. This masterpiece is a must for every couple that seeks to build their marriage God’s way."
—Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne, president, Living Waters

"Your Marriage God’s Way is your guide toward the marriage of your dreams. Scott’s practically beneficial and doctrinally sound insights will help you build a no-regrets marriage that others will want to emulate."
—Rhonda Stoppe, founder of No Regrets Woman, speaker, author of The Marriage Mentor

Author/Artist Review

Author: Scott LaPierre
Located in: Woodland
Submitted: February 16, 2021

    Tell us a little about yourself.  I have been the senior pastor of Woodland Christian church since 2010. My wife, Katie, and I grew up together in the small town of McArthur in the mountains of northern California. As of 2021 we have eight children with a ninth on the way.

    What was your motivation behind this project?  I wrote Your Marriage God's Way because I am passionate about this area of Scripture and life. God designed the family as the primary unit for every other segment in society, including the church. And marriage is the heart of the family. As a marriage disintegrates, the family disintegrates. As families disintegrate, churches disintegrate. As churches disintegrate, society disintegrates. When marriages are strong, however, families are strong. When families are strong, churches can be strong because strong churches are made up of strong families. As a pastor, I have seen many struggling marriages, but I have also seen couples find the solutions to their problems in Scripture. The truth of God's Word has the power to heal and strengthen any marriage.

    What do you hope folks will gain from this project?  I believe when couples read this book together it will strengthen their relationships with each other, and most importantly with Christ. Because the marriage relationship is a picture of Christ and His relationship to the church, it is one of the greatest evangelistic tools believers have. Godly marriages have the potential to reveal Christ to an unbelieving world; therefore, I also hope the book helps people become more evangelistic. As a husband I have experienced firsthand the blessings that come from obeying God's Word and the negative consequences that come with disobedience. I hope husbands and wives come to learn what God says about marriage and experience these blessings themselves.

    How were you personally impacted by working on this project?  Your Marriage God's Way is a product of the sermons I preached on marriage over almost a year to my church. I spent 20 to 30 hours studying for each message. The book is the accumulation of hundreds of hours of studying God's word. There's no way I could to spend that much time with the Lord and in the Scriptures without being deeply impacted by my work.

    Who are your influences, sources of inspiration or favorite authors / artists?  At the beginning of Your Marriage God's Way I write, First, and of greatest importance, I am not asking you to trust me. Rather, I am inviting you to trust what God says in the Bible. This book is not a collection of my thoughts about marriage. God is the author of marriage. He designed the roles and responsibilities for husbands and wives. He knows what couples need so they can experience healthy, joyful, Christ-centered relationships, and He provided the instructions in His Word. My desire is to present that guide clearly and biblically in Your Marriage God's Way I believe this communicates that the Bible is my greatest influence. I also regularly use commentaries from John MacArthur and Warren Wiersbe. These wonderful godly men have also greatly influenced me.

    Anything else you'd like readers / listeners to know:  I poured my heart into Your Marriage God's Way, and I pray it strengthens your marriage and relationship with Christ! If you would like to learn more about me, or I can pray for you in any way, please feel free to reach out to me.

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