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    1. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      September 9, 2010
      Diane Maurer
      This book ties into the first book in this series and I like that!! It is insightful why the African Americans had such anger against the white people and it is understandable. What I also found uplifting in this book is how some of the African Americans resolved their anger and hatred and tried to teach this to others. We all need this encouragement to look at people as God does
    2. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      July 20, 2009
      This book has so many issues that have faced many people in this nation. It matters not what the circumstances we find ourselves in, God in his all knowing power will work and show us the path if we but listen. I would like to see another in this series. Grady and Anna had come so far. I could see Grady ministering to his people and showing God's love in a very unique way.
    3. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      May 4, 2009
      A Light to my Path was an amazing book. Many times I was in tears for the pain and suffering the characters went through! How could we white people be so inhumane? So cruel? Though in the end I was a bit disappointed that Grady couldn't get over his anger issues, though over all it's a captivating story!
    4. 5 Stars Out Of 5
      September 25, 2007
      This is an awesome book. I can't imagine how humans can treat other humans in such a way, but I guess history spells that out over and over. I couldn't help but think that it's no wonder that there's often still a divide between races in North America -- look how we've treated one another. Hopefully we can learn from our mistakes.
    5. 3 Stars Out Of 5
      July 1, 2007
      I thought the overall story was an interesting one. Though Lynn Austin tried to depict her moral of the story, it didn't reveal as well as it could have. The ending was reasonably good, but it left a sense (to a non-Christian) that money solves all anger problems. That is also an annoying thing about her story, Grady never seems to resolve his hatred and frustration. The relationship between Grady and "Kitty" doesn't appear as one of true love. Austin almost writes it as one of dashingly handsome or beautiful looks. Not a good foundation for marriage. I think of this story as well written, but open-ended in moral resolves.
    Displaying items 1-5 of 10
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