Leaper: The Misadventures of a Not-Necessarily-Super Hero - eBook
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Leaper: The Misadventures of a Not-Necessarily-Super Hero - eBook  -     By: Geoffrey Wood

Leaper: The Misadventures of a Not-Necessarily-Super Hero - eBook

WaterBrook / 2011 / ePub

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Stock No: WW21194EB

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In Stock
Stock No: WW21194EB
WaterBrook / 2011 / ePub
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Product Description

What would you think if you suddenly woke up one day and had superpower? Would it depend on what superpower you had? And what choices would you make when it came down to it? These are exactly the questions James asks himself when he wakes up and discovers he's got the power to leap... Good or bad? He struggles with figuring out why he's got this new leaping power, but even more so, what is he supposed to do with it? Leaper proves to be the perfect dosage of humor and sentiment.

Product Information

Title: Leaper: The Misadventures of a Not-Necessarily-Super Hero - eBook
By: Geoffrey Wood
Format: DRM Protected ePub
Vendor: WaterBrook
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 9780307499417
ISBN-13: 9780307499417
Stock No: WW21194EB

Publisher's Description

Has he gone crazy? Had too many espressos?
Or is he really a brand new super hero?

What if one day-suddenly, inexplicably-you discover you have a superpower? And what if it's not a very good superpower, either, like flying or super strength, and you have no idea what you are supposed to do?

Leaper follows the confessions of reluctant hero James, a recently divorced, life-long barista who finds himself in just such a predicament and asking those very questions. Is his newfound leaping power a miracle from God? The result of a lifetime of over-caffeination? Or a final break from sanity? Should James “do good” with his ability? But if doing good proves trickier than expected, where do you go for a superpower manual? And what is “good” anyway?

In this witty, unconventional novel, debut novelist Geoffrey Wood serves up equal doses of sharp humor and disquieting poignancy, exploring the meaning of redemption, beauty, and faith beyond all reason.

Author Bio

Geoffrey Wood has been working in both coffee and theater for nearly twenty years ---acting, writing, and directing, roasting and sipping. Leaper is his first novel, but he loves it just the same. Geoffrey calls Memphis home.

Editorial Reviews

“One of the quirkiest and funniest openings to a novel I’ve ever read. There are sections of dialogue herein that are simply delicious, and the plot makes one examine how well we use our God-given talents.”
—RAY BLACKSTON, author of Flabbergasted

“Geoffrey Wood’s compelling novel Leaper is a splendid romp with a fresh hero who is both poignantly vulnerable and hilarious. James will tug your heart, spark your tears, and leave you with a soul-satisfying
smile you can’t stop if you want to.”
—KRISTEN HEITZMANN, best-selling author of Freefall

“What the hit TV series Heroes fails to explore—the divine source of our gifts, both routine and extraordinary; the possibility that miraculous talents are meant to honor God—Geoffrey Wood tackles with playful, intriguing abandon in Leaper. Wood endows his reluctant, confused hero not only with the ability to instantly ‘leap’ to any place he can imagine but also with the wandering mind, paralyzing fear,
and pesky flaws common to humans—we know this guy! Wood keeps the Carl Hiaasen-like weirdness in check with truly provocative ideas and excellent wordsmithing. Leaper is a fast, funny, fantastic read.”
—ROBERT LIPARULO, author of Comes a Horseman, Germ, and Deadfall

“If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Leaping, of course! I always say that. Only I didn’t know what to call it until reading Leaper. Insightful, humorous, well-written, with a lemony-fresh smell, Leaper delves into faith, its many questions and quagmires, inside the crazy world of an erstwhile superhero trying to make sense of his life and his newfound gift. This book is a gift to every single one
of us who finds Jesus at our side and doesn’t quite know what to do with Him. I can’t wait to get a peek at what Geoffrey Wood has up his sleeve next.”
—LISA SAMSON, award-winning author of Straight Up and Quaker Summer

“A friend will recommend this book, and you’ll think you can maybe just dip your toes in to discover whether the water is as inviting as it looks. Be warned. By the end of the first page, you won’t get out. The book will sweep you into its currents, and you’ll enjoy every moment of the ride.”
—SIGMUND BROUWER, author of The Last Disciple and Fuse of Armageddon

Leaper has it all: a great hook, compelling writing, and a real look at faith in an unreal world. It’s fantasy, it’s reality, but best of all, it’s a fabulous read.”
—MAY VANDERBILT and ANNE DAYTON, authors of Emily Ever After and The Book of Jane

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